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Marche Itineraries 2011

  Join us on a journey through Le Marche,  discover its hidden treasures,  taste its best food and wine,  and relax at one of our special places along the route!

The five sense Itineraries Northern Le Marche Area

Discovering Raphael's masterpieces

The five sense Itineraries Central Le Marche Area
Discovering Lotto's masterpieces

The five sense Itineraries Southern Le Marche Area 
Discovering Sibillini mountains, nature's masterpieces

Giovini Marche
let's celebrate  
150° birthday of Italy

Love routes - Medieval Fortresses:
on the trail of the Da Varano family and their ancient fortified dwellings.

Love routes - undiscovered towns 

from the sweeping views to the secrets of the earth

Love routes - Food and Wine
the delights of the area

Mid term breaks 
enjoy a relaxing and delightful short break

Open Wine cellars
wine itineraries 

Il Cantamaggio
Spring time in Morro d'Alba

Abbeys between reality and dream
A journey for the soul, among lost landscapes

Lorenzo Lotto
See his masterpieces in towns that keep the atmospheres of 16th century

Vittore Crivelli da Venezia alle Marche
The Masters of Reinassance in Le Marche

Francesco di Giorgio Martini
Elegance and effectiveness in Le Marche fortresses

Antique hunting in Le Marche
Finding objects that all have their own story to tell

The Top 10 most beautiful caves

from Le Marche to Sardinia

Lighthouses of Le Marche

Trravel along the coastline and follow the sense of freedom and infinite new possibilities

Thermal springs and wellbeing in Northern Le Marche

Rediscover the pleasure of relaxing in the silence of nature enjoying stunning vistas and a delicious cuisine

Thermal springs and wellbeing in Central Le Marche  

Thermal springs and wellbeing in Southern Le Marche 


Organic Food in Northern Le Marche

Farm Managers for a Day

Organic Food in Central Le Marche

Oil, Bread and Cicerchia

Organic Food in Southern Le Marche

Natural Herbs on the South Circuit



Le Marche offers in a small territory everything Italy is celebrated for, in every sector and for any passion you may have: nature, history, arts, culture, leisure, good food and wine, and a lot more. To plan your journey through the region, you can follow your passions and build your holiday around them, or choose one of our Marche Itineraries, each centred on a theme and a combination of interests. 

Combining cultural tours and leisure activities with local food & wine tasting along each route, Marche Itineraries are designed to give you an all-round experience of the region.  

For more details on Marche Itineraries or to book, contact us now  at travel@paradisepossible.com 


 All the Benefits of Booking through Paradise Possible 

• 10% discount on all accommodations recommended by Paradise Possible 
• possibility of visiting historical assets that are not usually available and not opened to the public 
• assistance of experienced guides in art history with interpreter 
• availability of the municipalities where the property is located 
• availability of tourist reception at the farm contracted 
• quality of courses tailor-made by experts for every itinerary 
• assistance of experienced guides to adventure sports on the nature parks 
• flexibility to take advantage of the itinerary with the same services for arrangement in  group or in pairs.