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Happy 10th Anniversary, Paradise Possible!

by Grazia Grazi

It was 10 winters ago, December 1998.  I still remember the conference room at Confindustria Marche.  It was absolutely packed.  We knew that we were going to present something that would turn Territory Marketing on its head.  Giuliano and I were at the conference table, wondering whether the message would get through...

Looking back, it certainly did get through, and spread throughout the world faster than we could have imagined, probably more so than amongst the people in that room and across the region itself.  We had taken on the mission to make Le Marche famous and "bring the world to Le Marche", and we did it.

Since then, so many people from all over the world have relied on Paradise Possible to find their own paradise in the Marche countryside, or special places to spend their holiday.  Many have settled and reinvented their life over here, with the help of our Network, and many more have been visiting the region just to follow their passions, with Paradise Possible as their guide.

Mission accomplished then?  Yes, so far, but we are now entering a new phase and setting ourselves new standards and new goals.  

Starting with the site, here we come with our third release of Paradise Possible.  What's new and why have we done it?  Technical details aside, we've made the site easier to navigate from any point to any point and across applications (Travel, Accommodation, Homes, Food & Wine).  At the same time, a new Save feature enables to retain all current criteria and selections throughout the session or for subsequent visits.  On the editorial side, four Magazines - one for each section - will provide dedicated articles
and news content, separate from the website's core applications, which will remain search based.  And these are only examples, but they do make the difference.

But there are more and deeper changes to come.  Ten years on, the original mission of Paradise Possible is still the same, but it's taking on new challenges.  Quality of life and quality of territory will remain our key promises, but will evolve into a more real, long-term and sustainable concept of quality.  Issues such as environment, landscape and heritage protection will be central to our values and editorial policy, as well as health and well being.  This will have an increasing impact on what we choose to show on the site - be it places,  accommodations, homes or food - and the products, producers, services and providers we promote.

On those same issues, Paradise Possible intends to take an active role within the region, by networking and collaborating with whoever - in the public or private sector - has the power, the skills and the will to make this region an even better place to live.

Paradise Possible is not only a promise, it's a commitment.

Grazia Grazi

© 2009 Copyright Liberation Ventures Ltd. 




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