Paradise Possible

Our mission


“Paradise Possible's mission is to launch Le Marche worldwide via the Internet,
by promoting its territory, its art treasures, its cultural heritage, its quality of life, 
its products and services, to a global public of consumers and potential investors."

Paradise Possible - Le Marche, the original mission statement (December 1998)

Our Mission

Paradise Possible is a territory-marketing model aimed at promoting less-known regions around the world, offering outstanding quality of life and affordable cost of living, as destinations for travelling or relocating and as sources of quality products.

For each region it promotes, Paradise Possible is at the same time a brand for quality of life, an online guide and a one-stop shop for the best the region can offer in every sector and for every interest.

Our Future

"Ten years on, the original mission of Paradise Possible is still the same, but it's taking on new challenges.  Quality of life and quality of territory will remain our key promises, but will evolve into a more real, long-term and sustainable concept of quality.  Issues such as environment, landscape and heritage protection will be central to our values and editorial policy, as well as health and well being. 

On those same issues, Paradise Possible intends to take an active role within the region, by networking and collaborating with whoever - in the public or private sector - has the power, the skills and the will to make this region an even better place to live."

From Happy 10th Anniversary Paradise Possible! by Grazia Grazi

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