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The premier online guide to the best of Le Marche - Italy,
covering Country Property,Travel & Accommodation, Food & Wine


Let us take you through the Marche region, and we'll show you a true paradise in which to reinvent your life.

Why Le Marche?
There's plenty to see and to do everywhere in Le Marche. It is a land rich in art and history, with a stunningly beautiful landscape featuring large protected areas, parks and nature reserves. What makes Le Marche truly special is that all these treasures and beauties are not concentrated in just a few major towns, but diffused throughout the region. Quality of life is high over there, and you can sense it through the kindness and warm hospitality of its people. In Le Marche you will find a magic combination of nature, culture and society, all in perfect harmony, which is totally unique. That's what we call paradise.

What's your interest in Le Marche? 
Many are the paths you can take to explore Le Marche, and many the reasons why you may want to go there or learn more about it. Are you looking for property? Or for a special place to book for your next holiday? Would you like to put together your personal itinerary to discover its many hidden treasures? Or enjoy its best food and wine, either during your stay or back home with family and friends?

Bringing it all together
Paradise Possibile has now brought it all together: four powerful applications - all interlinked - packed into one site, for you to have a total experience of the region exactly the way you want it. All the richness and variety of the region has been translated into resources which you can search, select and combine freely according to your motives, preferences and passions. Whatever your dream, you can now make it all happen in Le Marche with Paradise Possible.

Find your own paradise in the Marche countryside. Set the profile of your dream home and select your favourites among the best country properties throughout the region. Paradise Possible will take on your project, plan your visit, and help you make it all happen via its network of experts.

Follow your passions and build your personal itinerary around them. Select your preferred areas of interest, find out which towns and places offer relevant resources and events, read about them, and add the most appealing ones to your itinerary.

Discover special places and book your unforgettable stay in Le Marche. Choose your ideal holiday, set your preferences, check out the special resorts Paradise Possible has selected around your personal itinerary, and request your booking online.

Taste the flavours of Le Marche whilst touring around or in your own home. Find out about the region's traditional produce and wines, and get our selected specialities from among the best producers delivered directly to your door.

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