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Introducing Le Marche

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Welcome to Le Marche!

Le Marche, a region in central Italy enclosed between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, is a land rich in poetry, art and history, with a stunningly beautiful landscape that is both hospitable and maternal.

For centuries the Marche has existed, jealously guarding its hidden treasures, but remaining unknown to the world. Its unique landscapes, and the kindness of its inhabitants, are a surprise to anybody venturing into this land on a voyage of discovery.

Le Marche’s picturesque villages are full of ancient Churches, Abbeys and Monasteries, all beautifully preserved over the years. Its sunny hills, marked by rows of vines and leafy oak trees overlooking verdant valleys, speak of a natural environment undisturbed by the need of mankind to work the land, the calm beauty of the natural landscape offering the opportunity for rest and reflections in the midst of a sea of intense and velvety green.

Monte Conero, home to abundant strawberry trees and broom, rises above the sea with its deep shady green, offering a corner of paradise shielded from the modern world.

Paradise Possible will take you by the hand through Le Marche, a region at the same time surprising and discrete, to discover its hidden treasures and help you search for your own corner of paradise and for the ideal country home in which to realise your plans for happiness.


A journey through Le Marche

Learning About Le Marche - The region in a nutshell: Nature, Arts & History, Economy and Society, Places and Itineraries.

Living in Le Marche - Hints and tips for the would-be citizen and the passionate traveller.

Passions & Places - Follow your passions, find out where in Le Marche, and build your personal Itinerary around them.

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