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"Until the first book is written, you have a freedom to start that can only be used once in a lifetime " 
Italo Calvino

Human Landscapes by Territorial Biographies
Le Marche - Italy
Editorial Series  " Unforgettable People "

The aim of "Human Landscapes by Territorial Biographies"  is to promote the literary production of biographies of the life, art, poetry and crafts of people who in their daily life, private and professional, leave a positive message, one that inspires the next generation and works towards the creation of a better future.

The writing of the first book in the series ‘A Strong Soul’ - The Biography of  Silvana Pierluca by Grazia Grazi, was achieved through the availability of the account of her personal and professional life in a portrait, interpreted by the author, through which emerges the everyday positivity conveyed by the protagonist.

 With the launch of the first biography, the editorial project "Unforgettable People" aims to communicate, through portraits of people who, through their positivity not just in life but in their art and profession, the wealth of opportunities aimed at developing new projects involving the talents of future generations.

The first biography in the series " Strong Soul " is available from IBISKOS PUBLISHING RISOLO, Florence from 31st May 2014. The digital version Ebook is available from Simplicissimus Book Farm from 25th September 2014.

 The boldness in the choice of project is driven by our strong passion, a passion fired by the following fuels:

1. An unmissable opportunity to communicate a hidden heritage;

2. The development of new projects in the field of traditional and digital publishing;

3. The expansion and development of the project with the emergence of new writers;

4. The creation of a map of territorial biographies allowing contemporary society to identify with the land in which we live.

Enjoy with " Strong Souls on Tour " !

Grazia Grazi
Co Founder Paradise Possible

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 Italy May 21, 2014 

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