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Milk Hands & Sprout Recipes

Caciotta al finocchietto, Gessatina, Bucarello, Taleggello and more...

Milk hands

Imagine a meadow suffused with sunshine and smiles; you can hear silent music, that of peace, like those times when the corners of your mouth turn upwards and you never want to leave this place, wrapped in an intense warmth and animal heat. Calves wander along the road that winds around the large, stone house belonging to the Trionfi Honorati.
Long lashed, dark eyes peer at you through the fence, looking at you curiously, the black and white backs come nearer to sniff your hands. Like a large community of diverse friends, from different nationalities, different countries, different jobs, different colours, different ages, backgrounds and animal kingdoms. The female buffaloes, who are the real protagonists, are well looked after and their milk, through the strength of crystal passion becomes art. Giulia, in this multiformed universe she has created, with the milk from her beloved buffaloes, creates cheeses that surprise the palate, in the shape of new inventions and unexpected combinations.

It matters not whether you take a slice of pink peppered caciotta or a carton of pistachio yogurt, to enjoy the flavour and the atmosphere, sitting on the swing in the farmhouse garden. You can add a bit of homemade pepper marmalade to a piece of caciotta or a seasoned tomino, combinations which are a surprise to Giulia’s eyes, always proud of the art she produces with her cheese. You can visualise the very beginning of that work of art, from that first caress of the buffalo, to the moment of tasting a slither of the strongly flavoured Casteldelmedico.

And behind that rich counter of milk delicacies consisting of multiple forms and textures, you can see the laboratory where every morning Giulia makes Mozzarella, turns it upside down, embraces it, mixes it, makes it glisten and plaits it with vigour and spirit that shines in her eyes and in her hands.
Until she arrives at the crème de la crème of her milk inventions, the Gessatina, which goes well with a drop of honey, as Giulia says with clear satisfaction. It is her favourite invention, a round compressed shape with undulating lines, that flakes when you open it and surprisingly melts in your mouth, even though a second before you would never have thought so, and without realizing you find yourself laughing unexpectedly like when you experience wonder.

1.    Taleggello
2.    Caciotta al tartufo
3. Bucarello con marmellata di peperoni
4.    Scamorza
5.    Gessatina
6.    Caciotta al peperoncino
7.    Robiolina stagionata
8.    Casteldelmedico

        Paradise Possible Communication 2010


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