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Aubergines in oil

Conserve by Si.Gi.
Melanzane sott'olio
Peperoni sott'olio
Zucchine sott'olio

Melanzane sott'olio
by Si.Gi.

Summer in a jar? It is possible with these delicious aubergines. They are put in slices of about 3,4 millimetres in olive oil. 

The soft consistency, the delicate herbaceous scent leaves place to a full and intense taste. That is typical of the vinegar used before they are bottled. Aubergines are perfect with “antipasto all’Italiana” (preserved meat, cheese, olives, fried food). 

They can also be used for smocked fish snacks. Enjoy them with grilled cheese or as a side dish to meat courses.

Si.Gi. home business produces top quality jams and “sottoli”. The use of organic ingredients harvested in the area are a warrant of quality. The processing stages are carefully followed in respect of the Iso 9002 certification. All this in a jar.

Sott’olio aubergines.

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