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Home made pasta and bread were the basic food, often the only one, of the sharecroppers’ families. 

It’s not by chance that cereals are so widespread in Le Marche. Nut, if tradition counts a lot, environment and research are important, too. 

Excellent wheat, both tender and hard, have promoted the growth of family run pasta factories. All kinds of pasta all’uovo (with eggs) and pasta di semola (with bran), are made by craftsmen with their methods and production techniques. Pasta with eggs remind us of the old tradition of home-made pasta. 

Above all we must mention the special Maccheroncini di Campofilone, made in a small town in the Ascoli area. It is so delicate (it melts in the mouth) to be found on prestigious tables and in international shop windows, with no consequences to its peculiarity and craft qualities. 

There are only two ingredients, the recipe is simple: hard grain flour and eggs (twice the amount of traditional recipes). Women, who hand down this art, make dough just by hand. It’s delicious with meat and fish sauce. Some craftsmen of ours use the best quality grain when making Pasta di semola (bran pasta). 

Grinding, kneading and production are in complete compliance with the traditional methods and craftsmanship. This kind of pasta is high in protein and has excellent organolectic characteristics. It has a very intensive smell. We can find on the international market.

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