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Colli Pesaresi Rosso

Colli Pesaresi Rosso
Colli Pesaresi rosso, Focara rosso and Novello

Production area
The Colli Pesaresi rosso is produced in the Pesaro-Urbino province which includes 31 councils and is situated on the northern part of the region, leaving out the Apennine and the Montefeltro area. The climate conditions in Colle San Bartolo, Monte Ardizio, the Focara and Fiorenzuola hills, are among the best in the disctrict.

A min.of 85% of the dominant vine Sangiovese is used. Up to a max of 15% of other atthorized vines may be used to blend with it. The Focara rosso is only blended with a max. of 15% of Pinot Nero.

Appearence: its colour is not a very deep garnet red, with faint purplish refelections, which are evidence of youth. During its maturaion, it goes grom garnet red to orange. The Novello is ruby red.
Scent: winy in the first stage, then it becomes delicate, fruity and reminiscent of wood.
Flavour: it is dry and harmonious with slightly bitter after taste. It is full-bodied and persistent.
Alcool content: Colli Pesaresi rosso and Novello mn. 11,5°C; Focara rosso 12°C.

Optimum age
These wines are ready for drinking within the first year . In the best areas by vocation or in conncetion with particularly successful grape-harvests, they bear a longer ageing of 2 or 3 years.

Accompanying Foods
This fragrant, lively, cleansing, palatable "Red", when young,is best served with dishes containing rich sauces and also meat based dishes. 

Locally, it is served with a flavoursome and precious preparation of white truffles and unions with this wine. 

At Talamello, towards the end of November, Formaggio di fossa is unburied from its bed of straw within a tufa. The combination of this cheese with this wine creates a particularly unique flavour.

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