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Gabrielloni, a women's story

Women are tough. not only those from Marche you would say, but if you came among the gentle hills of Recanati, you would be flabbergasted not only by the marvellous panorama but also because you would find two strong women such as Elisabetta e Gabriella. These two special women cultivate their olive trees sticking to tradition to make the best olive oil ever. And to strengthen their love for nature an help is given for sure by the golden green waves of the hills that fall in the blue sea facing the romantic fortress of Montefiore.

Gabrielloni sisters are now at the head of the oil mill founded by their grandfather in the fifties and later enlarged by their father Emilio. The two sisters have given since 1996 a new imprint to the oil mill. Modernity and technology are now at quality’s service. The precious tradition has been jealously kept and is still applied in the cultivation of the olive trees, but the hygienic conditions have been improved and new analysis are carried out to guarantee a top quality product.

Local species are used to make this precious olive oil. The most used are: raggia, tender ascolana, rosciola, carboncella, frantoio e leccino that are mixed with smaller quantities of “Piantone di Mogliano”, mignola and coroncina. The production is constantly followed by agronomists and respects the principles of low impact cultivation (CEE 2078). The olives are hand harvested to carry out a first quality check. To obtain an olive oil rich in polyphenol it is important to pick the fruits when they are not yet ripe. The oil will in fact result low in acidity. It will boast a precious lasting fruity taste accompanied by a beautiful greenish colour. Within 24 from harvesting the olives are crushed under granite mill stones as it happened in the past. The paste obtained is then amalgamated in a kneading machine. It is then equally divided and put into ‘fistoli’ where the paste will undergo a new pressing under a pressure of 360 atmospheres. Four presses are available at Gabrielloni’s and they can guarantee up to 100q olives processed per day.

The juice resulting from the pressing is then taken into a machine to separate the oil from water. At this stage the raw product is filtered through cotton.

A limpid olive oil boasting a beautiful green colour and no impurity is the result of this careful processing. It will keep its characteristics and nutritional elements for a long time. Laudato Oil and Solivo Oil (the two most used qualities for domestic purposes) are stored in dark rooms at controlled temperature (12-15 C°). To assure that the oil is resistant to oxidation a special nitrogen system is applied to all the containers apt to preserve the olive oil before being bottled and being served at your meals. You will so fully appreciate the treasures and the beauty of a land that has made of tradition its future. 

And in its footsteps Gabrielloni sisters follow. They are backed by the ancient fortress of Montefiore, built in 1296 to protect the population from invasions. Elisabetta and Gabriella, two fighters for peace, think to future… they well know what the olive tree stands for: it is the symbol of the harmony with Nature and of the respect for life.

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