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Locanda I Piceni

 Ortezzano / Locanda I Piceni

Locanda I Piceni
Piazza M.Savini 1
63020 Ortezzano (AP)
T/F: +39 0734 778000

Email: locandaipiceni@virgilio.it
Website: http://www.locandaipiceni.it
The inn looks out onto the castle walls of Ortezzano, a small centre with a medieval past in the heart of the Piceno area, the territory with the original name of its first dwellers of historical epoch. Therefore the name “I Piceni” was not chosen by chance, neither was the choice of the symbolic decoration shown inside and outside the inn. With the idea of evoking the epics of the ancient Italian population, bellicose but at the same time convivial. A stay in this place, which is isolated yet rich in suggestions of settlements from time to satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding guest. From here you can enjoy the ideal calm of an agricultural landscape that is characterised by crops arranged like renaissance gardens, from the visions of turreted fortresses and villages surrounded by battlemented walls that dominate the scene from the top of the hills.Looking to east following the course of the river Aso you can see the blue of the sea: a cut in the “immense spaces” of a Leopardi style memory. We are at the gates of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains. Turning your eyes to the west you enjoy the view of the high peaks of the anthropomorphic profile, legendary dwelling of wizards, fairies and fascinating sibyls and therefore a destination with no return for fearless errant knights. Last but not least in importance. The palate can taste the delicacies of our cuisine that brings to the table the colours, tastes and scents of the country, hills and sea.
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