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Agriturismo L'Ulivo

 Maiolati Spontini / Agriturismo L'Ulivo

Agriturismo L'Ulivo
Via Tufi, 14
60030 Maiolati Spontini (AN)
Mob: +39 329 6138759
Fax: +39 0731 704319

Email: info@agriturismolulivo.com
Website: http://www.agriturismolulivo.com
The Agriturismo is composed of two farmhouses. Cascina del Tufo is completely built in bricks. Casa sul Colle, a building built in stone, where Floriano and his wife greet their guests in comfortable lodgings and bedrooms that can be booked throughout the year.

While staying at Agriturismo L’Ulivo visiting Castelli di Jesi and Maiolati Spontini could be a great idea. Maiolati Spontini is a characteristic hilly hamlet named after Gaspare Spontini. The famous musician Gaspare Spontini was born, lived and was buried there. The population has established a museum in his own residence entirely dedicated to the artist. The place is also perfect to enjoy a day out lost in Le Marche countryside.

The Agriturismo is in a strategic position as it is just 3.5km off from the Jesi/Fabriano/Roma motorway (Moie exit).

Agriturismo L' Ulivo

The Agriturismo L' Ulivo is composed of two completely restored dwellings. 

Cascina del Tufo has been divided into two large apartments. 

They are both very comfortable, modern furnished and perfect for large families. Each of them can in fact host up to 7 people. The dwellings have been provided with kitchen, double room, two twin rooms and bathroom. 

On the ground floor there is an additional triple bedroom for those who are interested just in staying for the night.

Cascina del Tufo” can be booked also to celebrate events (the booking goes from 10am to 10am of the following day).  

Casa sul Colle is a characteristic farmhouse built in local stone. This farmhouse also develops on two floors. 

On the ground floor there is a dining room and two double rooms with en suite bathroom. 

On the first floor there are two small apartments with double room, en-suite bathroom and kitchen. 

Delicious breakfasts and afternoon merendas" as "merenda del contadino"  are served in the dining room. Everything is prepared with organic products grew in the farm. 

The structure offers the following services: 

* Breakfast with organic products;
* linen changing;
* disabled people easy access for disabled people;
* central heating;
* television;
* telephone;
* internet connections;
* frigobar;
* credit cards payment;
* parking;
* baby sitting;
* barbeque and laundry

Pets are welcome.

The Azienda Agraria Gresta-Italia farm produces and bottles delicious organic olive oil. There is a vaste range of flavours. You can find the typical extra-virgin olive oil, but also chilly pepper, lemon flavoured olive oil. The most refined olive oil varieties produced are: Monovarietale di Mignola and the monovarietale di Rosciola. All production follows the strict rules of organic agriculture.


How to get there

Coming from North or South:
from the A14 Bologna/Bari, exit at Ancona Nord and follow the signals towards the Jesi/Fabriano/Roma motorway. Drive along as far as Moie. 
Then follow the signals to the Agriturismo L'Ulivo di Gresta Floriano.

Coming from West:
drive along the Jesi/Fabriano/Roma towards Jesi/Ancona. Exit at Moie and follow the signals to the
Agriturismo L'Ulivo di Gresta Floriano.  


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Agriturismo L' Ulivo
Via Tufi, 14
60030 Maiolati Spontini (AN)
Fax: +39 0731 704319
Contact: Sig. Floriano Gresta
Mob.: +39 329 6138759
E-Mail: info@agriturismolulivo.com
Web site: www.agriturismolulivo.com

Price List 2007

   Bassa Stagione  


Dal 01/01 al 30/06;     Luglio - Agosto e  
Cascina del Tufo dal 01/09 al 30/12                 Festività Nazionali  
Appartamento Federico II € 400,00 € 80,00 € 450,00 € 100,00
(4+1 persone) (a settimana) (al giorno) (a settimana) (al giorno)
Appartamento Gentile € 370,00 € 80,00 € 420,00 € 100,00
(4+1 persone) (a settimana) (al giorno) (a settimana) (al giorno)
Suite Camera del Sole € 300,00   € 350,00  
(5 persone) (a settimana)   (a settimana)  
Casa sul Colle      
Appartamento Spontini € 380,00 € 80,00 € 430,00 € 100,00
(4+1 persone) (a settimana) (al giorno) (a settimana) (al giorno)
Appartamento San Floriano € 350,00 € 80,00 € 400,00 € 100,00
(4+1 persone) (a settimana) (al giorno) (a settimana) (al giorno)
Suite Camera Verde € 20,00   € 25,00
(2 persone)   (a persona)   ( a persona)
Suite La Rosciola € 25,00   € 30,00
(2 persone)   (a persona)   (a persona)
N.B.: (+1) si intende bambino fino a 12 anni.
I prezzi per gli appartamenti e la "Camera del Sole" si intendono a settimana da sabato a sabato.
Il prezzo degli appartamenti al giorno è indipendente dal n. di persone (max 4+1 bambino fino a 12 anni).
Cambio biancheria dopo 4 gg.dall'arrivo.
La struttura è disponibile per feste, i prezzi sono da concordare a seconda dell'esigenze richieste.


Colazioni con prodotti biologici € 5,00 € 3,00  
  (a persona)      (per bambini fino a 3 anni)
"Merenda Contadina" Da € 10,00 Disponibile in sala menù il
  a € 40,00 listino prezzi.  
Bambini sino a 6 anni, pernottamento gratuito    
Bambini da 6 a 12 anni, pernottamento sconto 50%  
Sconto per acquisto prodotti 20%    

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