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Villa Castellani

 Mogliano / Villa Castellani

Villa Castellani
Contrada Acquevive, 16
62010 Mogliano (MC)
Tel +39 0733 557743
Fax +39 0733 557743

Email: info@villacastellani.it
Website: http://www.villacastellani.it
Choose Villa Castellani and enjoy a relaxing stay. Experience the quiet, the silence and the colours of the countryside yourself. Swim in the picturesque swimming pool on the terrace and rest in the shadows of the palm trees in the garden. The park around the villa will soon be equipped with an amphitheatre to offer more leisure activities to Villa Castellani guests. Golf courts, riding schools, natural parks and historical hamlets are just a short way off from the hotel.

The village of Mogliano was founded by Piceni in VI century. The place was then held by the duke of Spoleto Faroalfo. He then presented the hamlet to the Abbot of Farfa. He controlled it as far as XII century. The area was then governed by a feudal family, Da Mogliano. A famous painting “Madonna in gloria con Santi” by Lorenzo Lotto (1548) is now kept in the city.

Villa Castellani complex is set in the Acquevive district. It borders Giustiniani-Bandini Natural Reserve. It is spread over 1,800 ha in Tolentino and Urbisaglia councils. It occupies the low hilly area of the Macerata district. The Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra is set in the core of this natural environment. It dates back to XII. It is one of the best preserved examples of the Cistercian Architecture of Italy.

Villa Castellani
Hotel  &  Ristorante 

Villa Castellani can be reached going towards Mogliano, then Petriolo and finally turning into Acquevive road. The way winds along olive groves and fields.

Villa Castellani is easily reachable by car. It is anyway set in a quiet and naturalistic area of which Villa Castellani seems having acquired the best characteristic: peacefulness. The place has been built at the feet of a rich olive grove ( “piantone” typical variety of olive). The valley beneath and the gentle hills around make a peaceful and quiet setting.

Villa Castellani was once a restaurant. It has then been provided with 12 bedrooms, 3 of which have a panoramic balcony on the countryside around.

All the bedrooms are on the first floor. They have been provided with en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, telephone, wireless connection. The furniture colours are ivory, cream, in contrast with other pieces made of dark wood.

The same colours and the elegance characterize all the other rooms of the hotel. Trimmed cream table-cloth cover the coffee-tables down to the floor in the hall.

Spot the details yourself. Small ceramic ovals decorated with the number of the rooms are on each bedroom door. They are all hand made and contribute to the luxurious atmosphere. Mrs Santina herself is concerned about the inside decorations. A lot of small artistic handiwork has been made by her…She is also responsible for the menu of the restaurant.

Taste the ancient flavours so typical of Le Marche cousine yourself: tasty pappardelle all’anatra or tagliatelle al ragù, and then some agnello alla cacciatora or maialino al forno. A glass of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba or of Rosso Piceno, famous wines of Le Marche, will satisfy your palate.  

The restaurant can host up to 300 people. Its furniture is white. The wideness of the room and its lightness can so be fully appreciated. 

The floral compositions and the chairs in dark wood are in contrast with the white panelled ceiling, white arches,
mullioned windows, the white chased pillars, the white stuccoes and the marble of the floors. 

An arch with openings lead to a raised floor where a cosy atmosphere makes the place perfect for familiar meals or meetings.

The spaces and atmosphere that characterize Villa Castellani are much loved by foreign guests. 

The place is also perfect for important ceremonies that are delighted by the tasteful dishes especially made by the chef.



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                Villa Castellani
                   Hotel & Ristorante

                              Contrada da Acquevive, 16
                            62010 Mogliano (MC)
                          Tel & Fax +39 0733 557743
                           E-Mail: info@villacastellani.it
                            Web-Site: www.villacastellani.it


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