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Villa Della Rovere

 Cingoli / Villa Della Rovere

Villa Della Rovere
Via Cicerone 7

Tel: +39 0733 617114
Mob: +39 335 7350862
62011 San Vittore di Cingoli (MC)
Email: info@villadellarovere.com
Website: http://www.villadellarovere.com
The gate of the Villa leads to a beautiful garden in perfect Italian Style. It is well kept and shadowed by century old pine trees. The mightiness of the structure is what strikes most. The facade is in fact half covered in ivy. The stillness seems to trespass the centuries and reminds of the far gone times when the Benedictine monks came here and build the abbey. They would pass their days praying and working to reclaim lands from the marshes for agriculture.

A Villa Della Rovere it is possible to visit, booking in advance, the interesting antiquarium. It anciently was a Roman city. There it is possible to spend a relaxing stay and book the structure for weddings, training, ceremonies and meetings.

Appartamenti Vacanza
Villa Della Rovere
San Vittore di Cingoli (Mc)

The area around the village of San Vittore di Cingoli experienced a development in the Iron Age. Then it became well known as a cultural centre thanks to the “Fonte del Bagno” or “San Giovanni” water spring. A settlement developed in the same area in the first century BC. Later it gained the importance of a municipium. After the fall of the Roman Empire the place was abandoned. The arrival of the Benedictine monks in XI AD preserved the place from decay.

The guests will be hosted in the large suites on the first floor. The ceiling are embellished by wood beams and by period furniture. Each suite is divided into two bedrooms (two double beds), lavatory, living room and kitchen (for an average area of 50sqm). The atmosphere of the rooms is permeated with comfort and stylishness.

The following comforts have been thought for the guests: disabled people access, air conditioning, breakfast, lining change, kitchen, TV, car park and chance to enjoy jogging or even a barbecue in the garden. Pets are welcome.

Villa Della Rovere is a perfect location for meetings. It is in fact divided into halls. The maximum capacity is of 200 people. There is also the prestigious antiquarium available with two telephone lines, fax and internet connection. The halls are all provided with projector, TV antenna, flip charts, amplifier devices and telephone connections. 


How to get there:

Coming from North: Take the A14 highway and go out at Ancona Nord. Drive along the Jesi-Fabriano-Roma motorway as far as Jesi Ovest – Cingoli. Take the county road towards Cingoli and as soon as you get to Coste di Staffolo turn left towards San Vittore. Then follow the signals to Badia.

Coming from Rome: Take the A1 until you get to Orte. Then drive towards Spoleto, Nocera Umbra, Gualdo Tadino, Osteria del Gatto, Fabriano, Jesi. Just before the city of Jesi exit in direction “Cingoli”. When you reach Coste village, turn left towards San Vittore. Then follow the signals to the Abbey.

Coming by train:

Coming from North: Get off at Falconara station where it is possible to hire a car. Coming from Rome Get off at Jesi station where it is possible to hire a car.

Coming by airplane:

Ancona-Falconara airport is just 25 minutes far from San Vittore.

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Appartamenti Vacanza
Villa Della Rovere
San Vittore di Cingoli (Mc)

Tel.: +39 0733 617114
Mob.: +39 335 7350862
E-Mail: info@villadellarovere.com
Web site: www.villadellarovere.com

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