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Country House Il Casale del Baco

 Rosora / Country House Il Casale del Baco

Country House Il Casale del Baco
Via Santa Maria, 23

Tel +39 0731 812438
Fax +39 0731 815119
60030 Rosora (AN)
Email: leonardozucchi@libero.it
Website: http://www.ilcasaledelbaco.it
Casale del Baco is located at the feet of the hill where the small villages of Rosora was anciently built. It is almost set in the valley. It boasts anyway a look out position on the Alta Esino valley and the green fields around. The strategic position is given by the quiet of the place, essential for a country house, and by the closeness to the village of Angeli di Rosora at the same time. The important Castelplanio train station that links Ancona to Rome is just one km off. All around is nature. Le Marche gentle hills shyly rise from Gola della Rossa (10km off) and stretch as far as the Adriatic Sea. Medieval sceneries open to the visitors. The fortified castles of Maiolati Spontini and Scisciano are in fact perched on two hill tops just on the other bank of the Esino river. On the Eastside the Appeninni frame the surrealistic beauty of the place. Such a position provides the guests of the Country House with numberless mountain bike tours and trekking paths together with eno-gastronomic trips along the Vie del Verdicchio. There are a lot of cellars equipped for the promotion and tasting of this prestigious local wine. They are spotted in the small but numerous medieval villages that occupy almost every hill top.

Country House 
Il Casale del Baco

Rosora ( Ancona )

“Casale del Baco” is an ancient farm house dating back to 1800. As the name suggests it was anciently used for the unravelling of  the silkworm cocoon. The silk production is one of the most ancient and typical activities in Le Marche.

The building has been recently restored but has preserved the typical silk mill shape. It has now been turned into a Country House to better exploit the origins of the place. The beautiful rural architecture melts with the hilly landscape.

The new owners have been careful to keep unchanged the peculiarities of the landscape and building structure. It has in fact a typical rural style that perfectly melts with the traditions of the place.

Leonardo Zucchi, qualified and trained cook, makes dishes in harmony with the place around. He combines elements of the typical gastronomy of Le Marche with new culinary trends. The restaurant is devoted to the respect of local traditions. Some of the delicacies served are: Crescia, hand made egg pasta, salami and local cheeses such as Fossa cheese.

The cellar of Casale del Baco is provided with a vast range of regional wines. There are almost 30 different types of red and white wine. The most refined ones are the local Verdicchio, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, il Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno.

The country house can lodge about 15 people in 7 bedrooms. One of them is larger than the others and it would be perfect for disabled people or to lodge three people. 

Each room has its own telephone, TV, en suit fridge. An Internet connection is at hand in the entrance hall.

The restaurant is sided by a coffee bar. A washing and ironing service is available on demand. Pets can be introduced in the country house. The restaurant hall can be rented for meetings.

A small riding school is open for kids that would enjoy a ride on a pony. A game park is also available for them right in front of the country house.

Gyms, beauty centres are just a short walk off. Moie and Jesi (both a short way off) offer all sorts of sport sites: golf courts, swimming pools, entertainment park (water parks such as Eldorado and Apiro) and Thermal baths (Genga). 

Adventure lovers can have a go at rock climbing in the area of Parco della Gola Rossa, in the Serra San Quirico, Genga and Fabriano area. Sentino and Esino rivers offer the chance of canoeing. Speleological outings are daily organized in Grotte di Frasassi (Frasassi caves).  

How to get there
Casale del Baco, located in the Angeli di Rosola area, is very close to the Maiolati Spontini-Castelplanio exit from the 76bis motorway. It is less than 1km far from Castelplanio train station and 40km from Ancona-Falconara airport.

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Country House
Il Casale del Baco
Rosora ( Ancona )



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