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B&B La Calanca

 Serra San Quirico / B&B La Calanca

B&B La Calanca
Via Rotorscio, 46
T/fax +39 0731 85099
Mob: +39 328 1967928
60048 Serra San Quirico (AN)
Email: lacalanca@libero.it
Approaching Castellaro small town the surrounding gets wilder and more unspoilt than ever. Cultivated fields and little woods mix. As soon as you get in sight of a stunning nook and when you feel part of Nature itself you will understand that you have finally arrived at B&B La Calanca.

Flavia herself, when she first saw the place was astonished by its beauty. She then decided to purchase and restore an old farm house placed at the foot of the ‘calanca’. She lives there with her family. She has also restored two annexed barns. One has been divided into four small apartments (four and two beds ones). The other has been provided with a characteristic fireplace, eighteen century furniture that makes it perfect for guests to stay together and cook themselves a gorgeous dinner. The atmosphere calls to mind the last century also thanks to the original layout that has been preserved in the restoration.

B&B La Calanca


Il B&B La Calanca is a quiet place completely in harmony with the natural environment. It is surrounded by 7ha of cultivated land and vineyards, olive grove, lawns and woods. 

There is also a fruit orchard and a kitchen garden from where guests can help themselves.

Flavia makes delicious jams. “Cotognata” is maybe the most peculiar one. It is made of “cotogna” apples, extravirgin olive oil, and a  prestigious rosé wine obtained by age old vineyards, whose cultivation is getting rarer and rarer.

If you love animals, you will be in good company with kittens, dogs, chickens and with the beautiful horse and pony that live in the farm. 
An outside swimming pool will offer you the chance of swimming filling your eyes with the sight of the gentle hills around..

The 4 mini apartments are originally furnished. Flavia has in fact decorated the orange-yellow walls with flowers and has covered the beds with fantastic blankets.

Ancient furniture has been recovered from the old farm house. A late eighteen century French wardrobe, an ancient wood piece (“battilarda”) once used to treat pigs’ fat are just few of the treasures of the past kept at the B&B.

An oak tree on one side and the nook on the other is the scenery on which the windows open. “When the sun rays gently touch the stone, it is wonderful to admire all its nuances.” Flavia says.



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