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Torre Clementina
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The owners of La Torre have been living in and caring for this unique place for a century. Now, they want it to be known to the whole world, for the beauty of its location and natural surroundings, and for its remote and more recent past, with its tales of noble deeds and great poetic inspiration, so that the memories of its history are not lost. La Torre Clementina was erected in 1716 as a sighting and optical-signalling post against pirate raids into the bay of Portonovo, and now peacefully dominates the whole bay from Il Trave to the rocks of Le Due Sorelle, enchanting all new visitors. The views offered by this natural setting, where the sea blends with the sky and the rocks, affords even the most jaded traveller a new and unique experience, bringing him or her into contact with a way of life by the sea that is both simple and authentic. On the roofed terrace, the highest point of the tower, one feels far from everything, as if in a natural lighthouse reaching up to the sky, yet keeping a close view over the world left behind upon entering these historic rooms.

La Torre Clementina

In this captivating place, one is swept away by intense emotions stirred by the uniqueness of the scenery and the unlimited views over the world around it, setting the soul free to soar and to broaden its horizons across a natural landscape, where the sea blends with the sky, the rocks with the mountain, the gentle lavender-hued hills with the silvery expanses of ancient olive-trees.

The main entrance of La Torre leads directly to the entrance hall with a welcoming living room.  The shower room is also on the ground floor.  Wooden stairs lead invitingly to the upper floor, which features a double bedroom, a single bedroom, a cloakroom and a study/bedroom from where a steep staircase leads to the roofed terrace overlooking the marine area of Mount Conero.  Young visitors will be entranced by the mysterious staircases which lead to little nooks and crannies, and give the strange but wonderful feeling of travelling on a ship whilst still being on terra firma.

Guests staying in La Torre can also have use of the kitchen, the dining room and - for larger parties - a second double bedroom, which are located in La Casetta, an annex used by the owners as a summer residence and occasionally during the year.  On those rare occasions, sharing the dining facilities with the owners is an option open to those guests who can appreciate the opportunity of socialising with the locals and enjoying the benefit of tapping into their inside knowledge of the place. 

A welcoming lawn around the Tower offers a private parking-place.  A shady garden to the right encompasses a peaceful area in which to sit and relax and converse with friends, and hides an open shower, whilst to the rear a terraced lawn leans on the rocks separating the Tower from playful sea waves.

A wish to discover small coves and bays along the coast can be easily satisfied by hiring a boat nearby.  Returning home by boat will leave you with an everlasting memory and stories to recount on numerous occasions over a drink with friends and family.

In every season, staying at La Torre allows you to enjoy the wonders of nature.


In the autumn, you can discover the peacefulness of gazing at the olive-trees on the horizon, scattered through the countryside.


In the winter, you can watch the seagulls flying against the low clouds, whilst the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks enchants your soul, and prepares you for the surprises that this generous nature offers to your senses.  


In the spring, the eastern light and the sun greet your awakening with the sparkle of the sea and the brightness of the green.


In the summer, through the exhuberance of nature and from the sea, don't be surprised to hear echoes of mermaids' songs, at times so strong that you will be bewitched.


Caris, one of the De Bosis family who owns the place, sings the charm of the Tower thus:

  "My tower rises above the sea,
the waves bring it seaweed fragrance
and mermaid songs...
My tower rises under the mountain,
with peace on the horizon the olive-trees
crown it, and so the oaklets...
My tower rises against the sky,
as with a veil, airy clouds cover it
and flying halcyons..."

Caris de Bosis
(English translation: Paradise Possible)



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La Torre Clementina


View from the sea

The garden behind La Casetta

Returning by boat

View towards Monte Conero

La Torre

Boat racks and mooring on the beach by La Torre

The kitchen in La Casetta

The entrance hall

The little room

Up to the terrace...

The dining room

The main bedroom

The sushi restaurant on the beach

The beach by La Torre

Pathway to the sea

La Torre Clementina di Portonovo
Where the waves break under the ancient walls ...

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October-December* > Euro 2000 per week

January-April* > Euro 2100 per week

May > Euro 2500 per week


* Christmas, New Year and Easter > Euro 2500 per week

Weekends (Friday to Monday) > Euro 1500 (3 nights)

Note: the prices are on a self-catering basis. 

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