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Hotel Fortino Napoleonico

 Portonovo / Hotel Fortino Napoleonico

Hotel Fortino Napoleonico
60020 Portonovo (Ancona)

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The Hotel Fortino Napoleonico, unique of its kind throught the world, created from an ancient fortress, lapped by the waves of the sea with a view over the two rocks of a rare beauty known as the "two sisters" and the famous Romansque church of S.Maria di Portonovo, an artistic treasure dating back to the 11th century.

Fortino Napoleonico
Riviera del Conero

Abbot Antonio Leoni in his book entitled "Illustrated Ancona" (1832) report that "during the night of the 2nd of May 1811 at Portonovo the EngLish plundered two barges used for the transport of rocks in our harbour (along the foot of the Conero headland nowadays known as Mount Conero or more commonly as the Mount of Ancona). 

The garrison posted there fought with courage and several soldiers were injured but they managed to prevent the English from taking other barges. Afterwards in order to impede such attacks from the sea a beautiful fortress with several ramparts and barracks for 600 soldiers was erected for a cost of 16,000 scudi". 

The typical parametrical "lantern" from denotes the fortress "Napoleonic origin, in fact the Italian viceroy Eugenio di Beauharnais dealt with its construction following orders from Napoleon Bonaparte in the years between 1811 and 1813. 

As well as the reason already stated by Leone, what spurred the building of the fortress was the need to prevent mobs from the English fleet breaking the continental block and managing to land in Portonovo to take on the4 excellent drinking water gushing out from the depths of the mountain. 

The ups and downs of the Italian reign in the first place and those of the Papal state afterwards have deprived us of documentation concerning the life and administration of the fortress.

 It's very likely that a part of the documentation ended up in the Monastery of the Camaldolite monks on Mount Conero and followed the vicissitudes of the 14 monks living there. 

As far back as 1876 non mention of the monastery was made this having been abandoned 10 years earlier due to the many of suppression.


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The prices of the rooms includes the continental breakfast. The prices of half board and full board is per person, per night in a double room and for a minimal stay of three days. The reservation for August are accepted for half board or full board only, for a minimal stay of one week. 

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