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Agriturismo Ca'Serrantonio

 Urbania / Agriturismo Ca'Serrantonio

Agriturismo Ca'Serrantonio
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This welcoming Agritouristic complex is located in the quiet green Candigliano Valley, where farming is still frequent and intense along the fertile, flat plains of the valley floor. Positioned in the midst of a beautiful panorama.
Ca' Serrantonio includes the old farm cottage amd small farm operated by the owners. Ca'Serrantonio is only a short distance from cities of artistic importance like Urbino, Gubbio and from various Adriatic seaside towns.

How to get there
Adriatic Highway A14 to the Fano Exit – continue on Super Strada, direction Roma to the Acqualagnat Exit.
Continue for Piobbico on S.S.257. At the centre of Piobbico turn right and take the Provincial Road for Urbania, for about 4 kilometres; Just past the village of Piano, turn left and follow the signs for "Ca'Serrantonio".


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The Truffle Valleys

Agriturismo Ca'Serrantonio

If you take the Provinciale roadway along the Candigliano valley, in the direction of Urbania, Ca'Serrantonio is just 5 kilometres past Piobbico, famous for the beautiful Brancaleoni Castle. From Urbania the antique Castledurante famous in the renaissance for its precious ceramics, go up the Metauro Valley about 10 kilometres to reach Ca'serrantonio.

Surrounded by woods, meadows and a still untouched natural landscape there are variuous trails for trekking and mountain biking which reach the green, rolling hills of the marchigiana countryside.

The ancient building, originally the home of a large family of sharecroppers, is now a sougkt-after reastaurant with three inviting dining rooms for a total of 50 people, completely furnished in simple, marchigiano style, where renaissance delicacies common in the Duchy of Urbino are still carefully prepared by the owner using antique recipies.

Some of ythe house specialities which entice connoisers in search of the last flavours of yesterday include: home-made pasta, truffled specialities, mushrooms, game dishes, biologically cultivated vegetables, farm produced meats cooked on the grill or roasted in the antique oven.

In adjacent building ther is a large room for parties and small receptions. A carefully landscaped garden, dotted with centuries old shade trees invites the guests of Ca'serrantonio to take a relaxing pause after having enjoyed the many exclusive house specialities.

For those who would like to stay at Ca'Serrantonio for short periods or even for a week-end getway, there are welcoming suites with central heat, TV and private bathrooms. The suites are tastefully furnished with period pieces to recreate an atmosphere from the past, without giving up modern comforts.

The Truffle Valleys

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The Truffle Valleys

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Ca' Serrantonio

Ca' Serrantonio Per night

43,89 Euro per two

  Half board

      38,73 Euro per person

  Full board

     49,06 Euro per person

Prices quoted are in Lire per apartment or cottage or room  per night.
Breakfast: L. 5,16 Euro per person

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