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Villa Cicchi

 Ascoli Piceno / Villa Cicchi

Villa Cicchi
Via Salaria Superiore 137
0039 0736252272
Ascoli Piceno (AP)
Email: info@villacicchi.it
Website: www.villacicchi.it

If it is true that places can possess a soul, then this is particularly true of Villa Cicchi: the splendid, welcoming structure is still first and foremost a family home. So, it is here that by considering it first a place of family aggregation and of love, one distinctively senses the love with which the Cicchi family has, for decades, taken care of this historic residence.
And perhaps it’s no accident that at the centre of this harmonious composition - which the manor house forms with it gardens, swimming pool and terraces - there is a tiny seventeenth century church (desired by the first proprietor of the residence, Don Angelo Angelini), perfectly conserved and witness to numerous marriages.
Above the front door, a coat of arms made of stone and dated 1745 gives testimony to the ancient origins of Villa Cicchi and prefaces the elegant rooms decorated with soft tones and different pastel colours for each setting by artist Raffaele Fogliardi.
The mood is particularly charming in the wine cellar: entirely excavated out of the travertine, it guides you upon a short journey into past, accompanied by a number of agricultural instruments hanging on the walls that were used throughout the centuries by the hands that lived in the villa. The most precious treasure kept here is a barrel of vino cotto dated 1845.
Though a historic residence, Villa Cicchi was also the first farm to become a holiday residence in the city of Ascoli Piceno (1995). The chef will delight you with traditional specialities from Marche, made with organic produce that comes directly from the farm.
Outside, the park with a swimming pool is surrounded by charming vineyards and olive groves, and is home to an incredibly ancient species of rose (passed on from generation to generation) that today enshrouds the stone benches, the dry-stone walls, the fountains and the romantic paths with its fragrance.
It was here that the parents of the proprietor, Signora Maria Elena, promised eternal love and chose this place as the home of the heart.

Villa Cicchi

Residenza di villeggiatura & Agriturismo

Villa Cicchi welcomes you to the elegance of the manor house with a wide pathway.

The reception is extremely inviting and during the winter, the snug warmth of the fireplace further heats the atmosphere.

On the solid wooden furniture, ordered books, photos and ornaments provide the chorus for Signora Maria Elena’s tale that tells the story of the family that still own the house today: the Cicchi family.

On the top floor you’ll find the six rooms that the villa has at its disposal: one suite, three superior and two standard.

You can access the rooms through the elegant and sun-filled terrace, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the valley below and the park. Each room has been skilfully and delicately restored even using the original fittings, accommodating its guests as best it can and, at the same time, preserving the charm of an era.

It’s surprising how the proprietor has managed to keep the original structure of the villa whilst introducing the necessary comforts. Each room keeps alive the allure of the historic residence: through the small wooden doors that preface the high ceilinged rooms decorated in tempera by Raffaele Fogliardi; through the original furniture that has been restored with care; through the panoramic terrace and the wide dressers and, at the same time, each room is furnished with private bathrooms complete with shower and blow dryer, satellite television and internet connection.
Room One, Junior Suite: the largest and most refined in the house, which traditionally belonged to the head of the house. Elegant and well lit, it is characterised by Raffaele Fogliardi’s 19th century décor, by the splendid original fittings and by the baroque style bed. It is perfect for those who wish to spend relaxing moments in a unique and special setting.
Room Two, Superior: large and bright, the room is characterised by the soft cream and blue tones of its décor. The matrimonial bed, made of wrought iron, is large, comfortable and completes the setting. It can be connected to rooms one and three upon request.
Room Three, Superior: north facing and in a peaceful, silent position, the room is characterised by an ancient and distinctive bed that boasts a headboard made of wrought iron. It can be connected to room two upon request.
Room Four, Superior: Like all the superior rooms, it’s the pastel blue and cream paints and the restored original fittings that really brighten this room up.

The Standard rooms are different from the others because Folgliardi’s frescos have not yet been restored and are preserved under the monochrome temperas, but the rooms are furnished and decorated with the same attention to detail, care and sophistication. Rooms five and six can be connected to each other upon request.

On the first floor you’ll find the restaurant rooms, characterised by the period furniture and polished details. Here, traditional dishes are served from a seasonal menu that bring out the quality of the raw materials produced on the farm.

The exterior of the villa opens out onto a large park with paths framed by rose bushes and trees. Ideal for romantic walks or moments of peaceful reflection.

During summer, the guests can refresh themselves with a dip in the pool and bask under the hot rays of the sun or retreat to the shade of the leafy trees, perhaps to read a good book in absolute peace.

Villa Cicchi unites the charm of its romantic history and the enchantment of its nature, and is a perfect location to hold wedding ceremonies and receptions.


Villa Cicchi

Via Salaria Superiore, 137

63100 Abbazia di Rosara , Ascoli Piceno (AP)

Tel: + 39 0736252272
Cel:+ 39 3356657414




2012 Fares

Overnight stay in a double room min 80,00 max 140,00 Euro per person

Overnight stay in Junior Suite min 120,00 max 140,00 Euro per person

Half board treatment min € 65,00 max 95,00 €uro per person

The price includes: overnight stay and breakfast, bed and bathroom linen, hot and cold water, light, heating.

Conditions of booking: at the moment of booking 30% of the sum (by bank transfer)

Dates open: all year round


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