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Villa Censi Mancia B&B

 Fabriano / Villa Censi Mancia B&B

Villa Censi Mancia B&B
via G.Spontini 2

Tel: +39 0732627900
Cel: +39 3476767092
60040 Albacina (AN)
Email: info@villacensimancia.it
Website: www.villacensimancia.it

If you love art and adore frescoes and decor from the late 19th Century, the kind that make your eyes walk up to the ceiling so as not to miss one of the elegant spirals that curl up the walls, then Villa Censi Mancia is the perfect place for you.

Here the clock stopped a long time ago in the heart of the belle époque, a time when everything seemed possible and the future was bright and rose-tinted. This era is represented by the beautiful lamps in the small parlour at the entrance, in the hand-painted wallpaper, and in the friezes of the bookshelves in the library on the second floor.

Every detail has been restored down to the tiniest detail and it’s obvious just from looking that Signora Lucia fell in love upon first sighting the Villa. With great courage she completely restored and restructured the entire building, without disturbing the residential part.

Come and be welcomed like the noble families of days gone by. On the ground floor you will have the benefit of the ample kitchen, with a large central table, the antique coal-burning cooker and and hand-carved stone sink.

The bedrooms are on the first floor. All are furnished in keeping with the style, and decorated in a late 19th Century idiom, with frames and vegetable-inspired plasterwork, the cold tones of ultramarine and grey contrasting with the warmth of the reds and ochres.

Every bedroom is given a unique feel by a central medallion, each of which depicts themes from greek mythology. For example, what room could be better for a couple in love that “Il Bacio” (the kiss) in which Mars and Venus are immortalised in two scenes in the central medallion?
 Each corner of this enchanting B&B resonates with pure poetry.

If the elegant decor of the internal rooms has already captivated you, the history will grab you even more. Once a Benedictine Monastery, the Villa was then taken over by the Marquis of Serafini and thus the Counts of Censi Mancia. It was the Marquis of Serafini that collected all the Roman artefacts of ancient Tuficum, the rest of which has been destroyed or lost. Today, they constitute a unique collection in Le Marche and are objects of interest to many passionate students of antiquity.

If all that isn’t enough, this noble residence is made even more fascinating by its surroundings: the lush and blossoming centuries-old park, with its exquisite flowers that bloom in the spring, and an enchanting winter garden, ideal for ceremonies and parties, that allows you to enjoy the park even in the chilliest seasons. Close your eyes and imagine an autumn afternoon spent in the company of a good book, sipping tea to the music of raindrops falling on branches.

Villa Censi Mancia


On the ground floor you’ll find the small living room, reception room and breakfast room.

On the first floor of the Villa there are a total of four rooms available sleeping six in total, all with a unique atmosphere, with period furnishings and decor with 19th Century frescoes.

The bedrooms are made distinct by the mythological theme depicted in the central medallion.

“Il Bacio” (the kiss) with the lovers Mars and Venus.
“Il Riposo” (the rest) with Diana, the goddess of hunting, resting in a wood with her traditional symbolic attributes, a casket and a dog.
“La Preghiera” (the prayer) with a female figure wearing a crown, wearing white and a cloak, praying to a statue of Cupid.
“L’Aurora” (the sunrise) with the goddess Aurora with her symbolic attributes: a torch and flowers.

All the rooms are fitted with heating and wireless internet.

The bedrooms share a large and light communal bathroom. This little annoyance is truly a trivial matter when you consider it in the context of the possibility of staying in a historic palazzo which has been perfectly conserved and restored not only in its furnishings and decor but also in the elegance and refinement of the atmosphere and the hospitality.

A large frescoed living room with wooden-inlay marquetry furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries is available for guests to use, and perfect for the year of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy with its air of patriotism given by the fresco depicting the battle of independence at the crowning of Vittorio Emanuele.

Clients can enjoy the gracious library and reading room on the upper storey, where Signora Lucia has an interesting collection of books about the Marche region and its wonders.

Outside, the centuries-old park is there to be discovered, with the delightful possibility of relaxing in its charming pockets of peace, with tables and chairs carved from ancient stone.

Villa Censi Mancia is ideal for couples or singles who are passionate for art and history. The delicate and precious furnishings make it inappropriate for families with small children.


Villa Censi Mancia

Via G.Spontini 2

60040 Albacina (AN)

Tel: + 39 0732627900
Cel:+ 39 3476767092




2011 Fares

Overnight stay in a double room min 35,00 max 40,00 Euro per person

Overnight stay in single room 40,00 max 45,00 Euro per person

The price includes: overnight stay and breakfast, bed and bathroom linen, hot and cold water, light, heating.

Conditions of booking: at the moment of booking 30% of the sum (by bank transfer)

Accepted payment types at site: cash(credit card not accepted)

Dates open: all year round apart from the month of February


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