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Agriturismo Colle Regnano

 Tolentino / Agriturismo Colle Regnano

Agriturismo Colle Regnano
Contrada Casadicristo, 11

Tel: + 39 0733967691
Mob:+ 39 3351278072
62029 Tolentino (MC)
Email: agriturismo@colleregnano.it
Website: www.colleregnano.it

Colle Regnano is impressive first and foremost for its panoramic location. It’s almost as if the surrounding hills have decided to open up and take a step back, allowing visitors the pleasure of feasting their eyes on the ploughed fields, the olive groves, the bell-tower of Regnano’s tiny church, with the valleys below and the peaks of the Monti Sibillini above.

Patrizia and Paolo have redeveloped this beautiful refuge dating from the mid-19th Century, preserving the historical and geographical characteristics of the farm house, while choosing to follow a precise aim: to respect both man and the environment. To achieve this they used only natural materials, eco-friendly processes and green architecture, giving particular attention to the quality of the systems, the use of renewable resources, the correct management of waste disposal, energy-saving and the use of eco-friendly products. 


Today Colle Regnano is an example of eco-friendly excellence and has gained a certificate of approval from Marchi di Qualità Ambientale:  Legambiente Turismo, EcoWorldHotel, Ospitalità Italiana, Agrituirsmi Bio-ecologici AIAB, ECO BIO TURISMO ICEA e RET-mc rete ecoturistica macerata, as well as winning the awards LEGAMBIENTE TURISMO 2007 - Bandiera Verde Agricoltura 2008 - Oscar Green finalista 2009 - TURISMO RESPONSABILE ITALIANO 2010 - TERRANOSTRA 2010.

Its design is perfect for those who are looking for a holiday in contact with nature, in an atmosphere of authenticity and simplicity. As well as taking part in the many activities at Signora Patrizia suggests, you can enjoy the many different activites on offer in the surrounding 40km: walking or cycling on the different pathways of the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, horseriding, golf, or even the thrilling sensations of paragliding and hot-air ballooning.

The dining room, only recently refurbished, opens its huge windows onto the large porch with views of the surrounding valley, and offers traditional cuisine.

There are both rooms and apartments available, and even more. Patrizia, with her exuberant romanticism, gave particular thought to couples in love and created two beautiful hideaways. The first is in the former hay barn, and is called the “torretta colombaia” (the doves’ tower). It’s a large room with exposed wooden beams, with the possibility of requesting a room-service for a candlelit dinner.

For couples in love who want a unique experience, there’s the “nido” (nest), true to its name: a tree house, hanging from the branches of an enormous holm-oak, made entirely from wood, with an enchanting little staircase and breath-taking view over the valley and a comfortable bed at the centre of the small room. Guests will wake up to the tweeting of birds, and find breakfast awaiting them on the little table at the foot of their nest. You can’t

Agriturismo Colle Regnano

The Agriturismo Colle Regnano offers rooms and apartments, and are happy to find you the solution that fits you.

All the lodgings are very light and face onto the surrounding countryside with views of the Monti Sibillini, the garden and the little church of Regnano.
They are all equipped with tv, telephone, and controllable heating. The rooms all have bathrooms and separate entrances.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming thanks to the terracotta paving, roofs with wooden beams and traditional rural furniture, some of which inherited by the family.

Mrs Patrizia has given each room its unique theme.
On the ground floor you’ll find the apartment gli Ulivi (“the Olives”, sleeps 4- double bed, bath, bunkbed sleeps 2, kitchen, porch) and the apartment Alloro ( “Laurel”) with a large porch leading onto the bedroom and without architectural barriers, allowing for disabled access (sleeps 4= double bed, bathroom, living room with kitchen, and sofa bed sleeps 2).

The first floor is dedicated to the Sibilla, as you can see from the names: la camera dei Folletti (the room of the sprites) sleeps 2, and the appartamenti gli Elfi (apartment of the elves, sleeps 3= double bed, and one single, bathroom, kitchen) and le Fate (fairies) with its large furnishings belonging to grandmother which give the bedroom a personal touch (sleeps 4= double bed, bathroom, large living room with kitchen, sofa bed sleeps 2).

The second floor is called “il granaio” (“the granary”).
Here you’ll find la camera Del Re (“the king’s bedroom, sleeps 2 with a four-poster bed and antique furniture) and del Mistero (“the mystery”, sleeps, 2 furnished in an ethic style) and l’appartamento Musicist (“the musicians’ apartment”) with its enchanting little panoramic terrace (sleeps 3= master bedroom with one supplementary bed, bathroom, kitchen, terrace: second floor).

The agriturismo has a swimming pool, bicycles, childrens’ games, bowls fields, mini basketball, ping pong and barbecue.
Creative and cultural activities are organised, with bread-baking in the old oven, artisanal ceramic and painting classes, as well as guided tours of the cultural and artistic sites of the city. The farm stretches over an area of 10 hectares growing cultivating corn, vineyards, olive groves, woods. Tasting sessions have been organised for wine, oil, jam, cold meats as well as a workshop, for the discovery of rural culture, typical produce, and tradition.


Agriturismo Colle Regnano

Contrada Casadicristo, 11

62029 Tolentino (MC)

Tel: + 39 0733967691
Cel:+ 39 3351278072




2012 Fares

from 9th Jan to 1st Apr, from 2nd May to 25th May, from 1st Oct to 16th Dec

single room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 40,00 per day €266,00 per week
double room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 52,00 per day € 346,00 per week
triple room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 64,00 per day € 426,00 per week
Special room Del Re e Colombaia € 58,00 per day €386,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Elfi € 68,00 per day € 452,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Musicisti € 73,00 per day € 485,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Ulivi € 77,00 per day € 512,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Fate € 83,00 per day € 552,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Alloro € 86,00 per day € 572,00 per week
Added bed € 12,00 per day € 80,00 per week

from 2nd Apr to 1st May, from 26th May to 30th Jun from 1st Sept to 30th Sept, from 17th Dec to 27th Dec

single room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 50,00 per day €333,00 per week
double room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 62,00 per day € 415,00 per week
triple room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 78,00 per day € 519,00 per week
special room Del Re e Colombaia € 70,00 per day €463,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Elfi € 82,00 per day € 543,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Musicisti € 88,00 per day € 583,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Ulivi € 92,00 per day € 614,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Fate € 100,00 per day € 662,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Alloro € 104,00 per day € 692,00 per week
Added bed € 15,00 per day € 100,00 per week

from 1st July to 31st Aug and from 28th Dec to 06th Jan

single room Folletti, Mistero, Nido non disponibili
double room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 76,00 per day € 516,00 per week
triple room Folletti, Mistero, Nido € 94,00 per day € 622,00 per week
special roomDel Re e Colombaia € 84,00 per day €555,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Elfi € 98,00 per day € 651,00 per week
apartment for 3 people Musicisti € 105,00 per day € 699,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Ulivi € 110,00 per day € 732,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Fate € 120,00 per day € 795,00 per week
apartment for 4 people Alloro € 125,00 per day € 830,00 per week
Added bed € 18,00 per day € 118,00 per week

supplements and reductions:

Prices include: tax, hot and cold water, lighting, gas, linen, cleaning.
Room heating € 4,00 per day (if used)
Apartment heating € 6,00 per day (if used)
Breakfast is not included if you stay in an apartment, but you can ask for it to be served in the breakfast room.
Sweet breakfast (€4,00 per person) or salty&sweet breakfast ( € 7,00 per person)
Restaurant with menu of the day € 17,00 (beverages excluded).
Cot € 6,00 supplement per night, € 40,00 per week
small animals allowed with € 6,00 supplement per night or € 40,00 per week


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