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Teatro alle Cave

Teatro alle Cave

In an enchanted and wild landscape dominated by shadowy woods and brooms in blossom, a breach in the rock opens up, sudden and disquieting, a wound inflicted by men to the Mount Conero.

The industrious people of the region have used the stone of the Mount Conero, white and beautiful, as a strong and elegant building material. Many houses and streets in the charming territory of Sirolo and the surrounding villages were built using these stones. The landscape is full of splendid dwellings, such as intact or recently restored farmsteads, and the stones were patiently modelled according to building requirements. 

When the mountain started to suffer from stone quarrying, men decided to stop; a profound silence fell on the mountain, so different from the harsh chisel blows and excited voices of the past.

Many people walked through the picturesque pathways of the Mount Conero, to discover the ancient quarry and perceive its still magic. Franco Enriquez, a famous theatre director, used to live in such a charming place. 

In loving memory of the director, making his dream come true, the quarry came back to life, and became an exclusive outdoor theatre, a natural stage marked by an excellent acoustics.

The Teatro Alle Cave has been animating the starry summer nights since 1984, and with its 1,800 seats it offers the possibility for theatre and music enthusiasts to enjoy entertaining events in a very charming and unique landscape. The white rock amphitheatre is lit up by artificial lights, which enhance its severe profile against the green surrounding woods and the dense nocturnal shadows.

The Theatre programme offers every year many events dedicated to famous companies (such as the Italian Operetta Company and Momix), renowned comic actors (Gigi Proietti, Beppe Grillo and others), as well as famous musicians (Francesco de Gregori, for instance). When the theatre season is over, the old quarry turns into a disco, which is much appreciated by night dancers.

No longer chisel blows, no longer a deafening silence, now music, lyrical and actors’ voices echo among the ancient stones.

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