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Ascoli Piceno Festival

Festival in Piazza del Popolo

Despite its recent origins, the Ascoli Piceno Festival has managed to take a significant place among concert events in the region. Every year it offers the public a unique opportunity to increase their cultural knowledge.

In the charming environment of unparalleled architectures, free from the summertime crowds, the event called Settembre in Musica is held. Its rich programme has managed to provide for the presence of new and promising talents, all of whom are committed in playing famous works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Chopin, as well as Gershwin, Szymanovsky, Part.

The 2001 edition of the festival took place in beautiful areas, such as the elegant Piazza del Popolo and the restored Neoclassical theatre Ventidio Basso, as well as in quiet places, more suitable for classical music (the church Sant’Angelo Magno and the Auditorium San Francesco di Paola. Music played ranged from Verdi, Shoenberg, to Britten, Medtner and Bellini: the year 2001 was either the year of birth or death of those composers.

As is often the case, the association of musical culture and the promotion of local food and wines mark such event. It is not surprising that some of the concerts take place in the rooms of the regional Enoteca Regionale Vinea of Offida, a non-profit association that has been promoting the wine culture of the territory in the interest of the general public.

The many nights of the Ascoli Piceno Festival are completed by many conventions, performances and workshops addressed to those willing to know more of the magic universe of music. One of the most successful meetings was the one named Incontrabbasso, an exclusive occasion for lutists, solo players, students, composers, and people fond of violin, a fundamental instrument for music.

Finally it is worth mentioning other valuable parallel initiatives, which are included in the Ascoli Festival, examples are Le star di domani , concerts dedicated to emerging talents, the Jazz Class Quartet,  organized in collaboration with the local association called Cotton Jazz Club and Ascoli Prestigio, which recognizes, presents and values musical talents and institutions of the Piceno areas and its surroundings.


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