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La Carta della Terra

The Earth Charter Initiative

Research and experimentation aim at matching and safeguarding in synergy the environment, the Cultural Heritage and Typical products. 

They focus on the identity as a value for the creation of a productive system, based upon the quality of life in the territory.

Urbino engages in collaboration with international associations to identify and disseminate issues related to the local sustainable development, thanks to the town’s Territorial Laboratory

The laboratory also focuses on the promotion of necessary guidelines to start a global dialogue on shared global ethics and values.

Urbino was not chosen by chance, as it perfectly enshrines and symbolizes the balance between arts, culture, the environment and modern activities. 

In 1988 UNESCO declared it a World heritage of Humanity. Urbino was chosen for the presentation of the Earth’s Charter, a document of great significance which relates to urgent and important issues at world level, such as sustainable development and the environmental safeguard.

This important document was presented by Mikhail Gorbachev (who was awarded the Noble Prize for Peace). He is also the chairman of Green Cross International, an international NGO focusing on environmental problems, and the co-chairman of the Earth Commission, as well as being the real prompter of this initiative. 

The Earth’s Charter aims at codifying new principles to reconcile men with nature, devoting particular attention to the respect for the living communities, the environmental integrity, social and economic justice, democracy and peace in the world. It focuses on the key role played by environmentally friendly economic activities in fostering the peoples’ well being.

The historic event (to which many Italian and international VIPs took part) took place on 2nd July 2001 in the charming great hall of the ancient Urbino University (founded in 1506). 
The event also led to the Urbino Declaration, endorsed by the representatives of many political, social and cultural institutions, to support the fundamental principles of the Earth’s Charter. 
Urbino once again reaffirms its prestigious role as the Ideal Town, having an inexhaustible symbolic and intellectual function for the creation of a world we all wish to see improving.

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