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The chance to feel at one with the stage and be the star of the Opera, through the notes of the most famous arias, is exactly what Villa InCanto offers us, welcoming us into a space of dynamic participation during its summer evenings in Recanati and Verona.

In the evocative setting of a museum hall in Recanati, Le Marche, or an aristocratic palace in Verona, we will be entranced by the intricate love stories that ride on the notes of the pianoforte and the singers’ powerful and vibrant voices.

The project was born from an idea by Maestro Riccardo Serenelli and his love for opera and the talented singers that surround him.

Love generates love and so the idea of a new operatic event, which involves the audience intimately, becomes a reality and takes the form of an encounter not to be missed in the magic of the summer evenings.

The most celebrated operatic masterpieces are performed for an audience listening to well-known singers, and through the magical interaction created between the artists and the guests, only a few metres apart from each other, both become the direct protagonists of the evening.

Indeed, only at Villa InCanto can the proximity of the artists to the public amplify the emotions and make everything seem real.

We will all find ourselves drinking Dulcamara’s elixir and therefore toasting with Violetta Valery, as we laugh and cry with them.

Madame Butterfly,
La traviata,
Il Barbiere di Siviglia,
Pagliacci ,
Cavalleria Rusiticana,
are some of the opera masterpieces that are enacted at Villa InCanto.

Maestro Riccardo Serenelli says that this technique allows us to experience “the emotions of an entire opera in just under an hour”.
It will be an invigorating experience in which the heart and the voice embrace, knocking down every type of barrier to express the beauty and emotion of everyone involved.


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Villa InCanto

Palazzo Camozzini
Via S. Salvatore Vecchio n. 6
Tel +39 340 5962992

Villa Colloredo Mels
Via Gregorio XII
Le Marche
Tel +39 071 – 7570410

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