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Upon taking an ideal route from the intense green of the hills to the most profound blue of the sea, travelling through small villages in which every corner has in store a tale, arriving at welcoming cities with views of beaches, sharing small daily gestures or participating in events of international appeal, you will find that everything within the province of Pesaro and Urbino expresses a sense of beauty and harmony. Because it is in places like these, where modernity— through bringing out its quality — has been able to coexist with the most ancient traditions, that harmony and delight find the most sincere expression: even at the table among the many fine typical products that through the intensity of their flavours bring back the authenticity of a time whose passing has only enriched and enhanced them.

Walking along the roads of taste from the hills to the sea, you can, for example, taste the fragrant black and white truffles from Aqualagna (loved by Gioacchino Rossini, who in addition to composing also tried his hand at cooking); discover the Monterosso spelt (known also as Marche spelt), an ancient antecedent variety of hard wheat rich with nutritious properties that is cultivated and transformed directly into nourishing pasta by a company in San Lorenzo in Campo; and taste top quality beef from Marchigian breeds (PGI) reared for centuries in Montefeltro. All this could perhaps be accompanied by traditional bread from Maiolo, the best red wines like Pergola DOC and Rosso dei Colli Pesaresi, and a sip of the sweet Visner di Pergola (a local red wine that uses wild sour cherries) to bring the meal to an end.

Continuing on the journey and looking out to sea, the roads of taste take you to the aromas of the sea, to the supremely fresh oily fish and skilfully cooked sardoni a scottadito (finger-burning sardines) and to the tasty fish soups to which each restaurant knows how to give its own personal touch, accompanied by white wines like Bianchello di Metauro DOC, which, according to tradition, was the actual cause of the defeat of Hasdrubal at the hands of the Romans in the Battle of Metaurus. A suitable ending to the meal cannot be without Moretta fanese, a drink made with coffee and liqueur created to warm up sailors before braving the sea.

Among the many genuine delicacies in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, some of them are so unique that they merit PDO status (Protected Destination of Origin, the European mark that certifies the uniqueness of a product linked to a specific area and produced according to a standard of precise rules dictated by tradition and craftsmanship) for their exclusive characteristics and quality. Like the Prosciutto di Carpegna, whose pink slices — finely cut by skilful hands — delight the palate of those who through trying it, will sample the same sensation experienced by the person who created it in 1463. Before arriving at the table the Prosciutto di Carpegna — prepared using pork thighs weighing no less than 160kg — is aged for a minimum of 13 months, developing its exquisite flavour thanks to the sweet-smelling breezes of this beautiful region, to which it is exposed in alternation with periods of rest in special stores. It really is the crisp breeze to which we owe the uniqueness of Prosciutto di Carpegna, and it has been attributed the PDO status for this very reason.

Sharing the PDO status as well an ancient history is Casciotta d’Urbino, a sweet and fresh cheese (maturation does not last more than 15 days) produced according to centuries-old dairy techniques (Michelangelo was a great admirer of it) that use sheep’s milk and, to a small extent, cow’s milk. The secret of its full and unique flavour, besides lying in the processing of raw milk, has always resided in the distinctive array of the herbs that grow to forage the pastures of this region.

The nectar of the land is Cartoceto Oil, another precious PDO product with an exquisite flavour from the province of Pesaro and Urbino: the olives from which it’s extracted grow in the magnificent olive groves of Raggiola, Frantoio and Leccino (in strictly regulated proportions) and within the limits (besides Cartoceto) of the hills of Saltara, Serrungarina and Mombaroccio (and in part, Fano).

The journeys of taste are, therefore, manifold. During every season there are gastronomic weekends and tasting days at proper tasting centres in the region or directly in the authentic atmosphere of the different farms, where it is possible to savour the true rhythms bound to the land and which invite you to experience the many sublime fragrances of these places.

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