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An Author’s Christmas in Fermo
The City of Fermo

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The rich calendar of events, the quality of the enterprises in the city of Fermo during the Christmas period with particular reference to the author’s nativity scene

The magic of Christmas in Fermo begins to light up from the first few days of December, when streets, squares and monuments reveal new colours thanks to the many lights which cleverly bring out surfaces that give a new and fascinating appearance to the city.

Fermo is a city that, during this month, offers adults and children various opportunities to meet and share through exhibitions, markets, shows, music, travelling, creative workshops and reading acted out for children, who will also visit "Santa’s Grotto" (traditionally staged in a former train tunnel that, until the 50s, connected Fermo’s coast to the hinterland).

But Fermo is also the City of the Nativity Scene: since 1999, in fact, in the fascinating underground complex of the ancient Roman cisterns, the Italian Friends of the Nativity Scene Association (under the patronage of Fermo’s Pro Loco) has been organising a major exhibition of artistic nativity scenes presenting real masterpieces of craftsmanship and imagination to the many visitors.

The artefacts, designed by craftsmen, schools, associations and other local and extra-regional entities, present nativities made with the most varied materials and techniques that are forever changing: from those formed out of pasta dough to those inspired by the art of recycling, from those made of string, which are both astonishing and created in miniature, to those exquisitely pictorial compositions made innovative with unexpected plays of light.

In the scenic route that winds through the small openings of the cisterns (which in the past collected spring and rainwater to supply the city), you will find the ideal setting, whether it is the classic Neapolitan nativity scene or those that are made using modern and imaginative solutions.

Through admiring the sacred representations of the masters of nativity scenes (true works of art), like the imaginative work of local school children and the expressive stories of traditions of distant countries, visitors can immerse themselves in a charming and sincere atmosphere. The sincerity that makes Fermo a City of the Nativity Scene, is an event that is forever more anticipated and capable, from year to year, of renewing and enriching the intense magic of Christmas.

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