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Marina Palmense


Marina Palmense
The City of Fermo

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Situated sixteen metres above sea level, with the Fermo Lido, on the 8km of beach that forms the view of the Adriatic from the provincial’s capital, you will find Marina Palmense. A small coastal jewel, the quarter of Marina Palmense sprung up in the Fifties and has developed enormously over the last decade. At one time dependent on the neighbouring Porto San Giorgio for its services, it now boasts complete autonomy: supermarkets, pharmacies and every type of shop are at the disposal of tourists and the many people from Fermo that have decided to buy houses in this area.

The splendid gravel beach and the flourishing hills that surround it, make Marina Palmense an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday: there are numerous tourist facilities, among them, campsites, villages, B&Bs and holiday apartments for every budget. A peaceful area with a mild climate, the protagonist of the process of development that is enhancing its attractions, with sports facilities, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Unlike the village, protected by the surrounding hills, the beach is exposed to the enough wind to make it an ideal spot for water sports. The waves at Marina Palmense are even well known abroad and are one of the international destinations for the so-called ‘surf breaks’: short journeys in search of the perfect wave. Winter is an ideal moment to ride your board: westerly and southwesterly winds blow from the sea, whilst the area is sheltered from the northerly winds. Enthusiasts that flock all year round to this coastline, which still hasn’t been domesticated, say that the best waves arrive from the east and that there is good surfing in the area no matter what the is tide doing: for this reason, Marina Palmense was added into the ‘Hunters of Wind Journeys’ that Paradise Possible suggested to windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

A seafront erosion conservation project will also allow the improvement of the road system and will diversify further the touristic offer. New beaches will be equipped and designed for visitors that prefer bathing without the bustle, perhaps ending up flying a model plane at the airfield or having dinner in the small medieval village of Torre di Palme, for which Marina Palmense provides access to the sea.

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