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Senigallia is not only a seaside city and marine tourism, but is also a city of art, culture and history. The art of photography has been consolidated thanks to the great masters of photography , those from Senigallia and Italy. The special vocation for photography was born with Giuseppe Cavalli.

He was one of the greatest photographer of the '900, creator and artistic director of a privileged laboratory of photographic laboratory , the Misa Group. Through his teaching was formed, starting from 1953, a young and passionate generation of Senigallia artists who understand photography as a creation to express their poetic universe.

Young talents such as Ferruccio Ferroni, Mario Giacomelli established themselves within the Group Misa.

In that group - remembered often Mario Giacomelli - each were speaking their own language, with humility , free from political ideologies, thinking of friendship, dialogue, respect of each, facing the reality. Mario Giacomelli was a native of Senigallia in Le Marche tied to his city, its rhythms, its traditions.

Even in his artistic expression he was tied to his land. The landscapes are marked by the presence of man, with wrinkles that man has in his hands, faces and landscapes that speak of things that dwell in the soul. Photography was for Giacomelli mostly love, the picture that tells a poem of the soul and that continues to amaze and move us.

He began his work as a photographer on Christmas Eve of 1953. With his camera Comet he went to the beach to photograph the sea: he moved for this reason the camera to reproduce the moving waves.

He developed in this way a new type of photography in which he moved consciously away from the photographic tradition. The exhibitions of his photographs in the major cities throughout the world increased the value of his work.

He was one of the greatest masters of photography of all time and this helped to promote the image of Senigallia and the artistic skills of its people in the world.

But to enhance the art of photography there is the The Museum of Modern Art established in 1981 in a Renaissance building with three floors.

The Museum houses an important collection of photos of Mario Giacomelli and photographers school Misa. Among the collections: Vasarely,Cucchi, Dova, Mastroianni, Fazzini, Tamburi, Treccani, Guidi, and many others.

The artists represented of the late twentieth century are more than 300, with a total of transactions exceeding two thousand units. All the works have been selected and donated to musinf by the same authors. But other buildings house the exhibitions group artists of Senigallia which formed part also Giacomelli, advancing the art of photography.

The Palazzetto Bavaria hosts within its restored courtyard several exhibitions including a significant exhibition of the group "The Roveresca." The group Senigallia artists, an association created in 1965, which included famous names such as Giacomelli, decided to challenge and to compare with this simple display windows at the magnificent Palazzo Bavaria.

During the exhibition, held in the first fortnight of August, thousands of tourists come to Senigallia.


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