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Forum Annonario

Forum Annonario

Le Marche

Forum Annonario is one of the most important monuments of Senigallia and was recently renovated. Each local monument raises the old tradition as a market town.

This type of market in this extraordinary building is, from an architectural point of view, among those surviving in Italy. The harmonious brick structure was designed in 1834 by architect Peter Ghinelli Senigallia.

The porch welcomes twenty-four columns in Doric style and also provide the daily market for fish, fruit and vegetables. It’s situated in the old town and is also a place of various other events.

Among the events the "Cucine di borgo”*1 that combines the best of gastronomic festivals of various specialties of villages and hamlets of Senigallia.

Forum Annonario becomes a special place of tasting, in which tourists can appreciate the excellence of the gastronomic traditions rooted in the territory.

It 'a really tasty way to discover Senigallia and the sea and why not it’s vein of solidarity towards the most needy. The summer is now accompanied by a draft "Estati solidali” .

It’s aim is to let enjoy the beauties of Senigallia to tourists with disabilities. In the first year of this project it allowed to accommodate groups of people with disabilities from various cities.

Volunteers create an atmosphere of fun for guests sharing, involvement in pleasurable activities, of hippotherapy, animation, music and artisan works.

The project enhances the use of "job", the chair for the seaside for disabled. With this tool they too can enjoy the pleasure of a bath or a stroll along the beach. Other events involving this beautiful structure are:” Le Notti tinte “ that takes place in July involving the most beautiful corners of the city, Piazza del Duca Via Carducci, Annonario from the Forum to Piazza Roma.

The streets are filled with artists and musicians of European fame. The "Le Notti tinte" * are in fact inspired by the theme of color, with the participation of Italian and international artists.

The town of Senigallia is also joining the Festival of European music, which involves every year, the day of the summer solstice, the squares of major cities abroad.

Senigallia for this occasion is full of musicians, professionals and amateurs who invade squares, streets, museums, courtyards and gardens. “Azzurro come il mare” is an event aiming to discover all the secrets and taste of the navy of Le Marche.

Especially interesting is to see the vessels in the port area just when they return after a night of fishing.

The most interesting part of the event is the part of teaching, which explains the periods of fishing, fish and species such as mackerel, anchovies, sardines, bluefish and others to discover the characteristics, nutritional value, the criteria purchase, how to clean them, store them and of course cooking. It’s also proposed a tasting combined with a careful selection of local wines.

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