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Chiesa Santa Croce


Chiesa Santa Croce

Le Marche

The Church of La Croce is a sacred building in Senigallia, an artistic jewel in the center of the city. Designed by the ducal Muzio Oddi, the church was consecrated in 1608 on behalf of the Brotherhood of Sacramento and the Cross , active in assisting the most needy. They were the knights from white coat on which there was a red Latin cross.

A key article of the Statute of the Brotherhood of the Cross reads: "Putting its own substances in the life of the Holy Faith and for the service of suffering humanity." The purpose was to spread in society the concept of charity. They became a real religious foundation and were able to provide for construction and embellishment of their churches.

The events of this Brotherhood of Senigallia are documented from an archive, whose preciousness is equal to the works of art in the temple. It is located in the building adjoining the church. It hand down, in addition to the Statute of the Brotherhood, the life of itself, embracing a period ranging from 1564 to the present. The façade is in Renaissance-style and on the front door you can find the admonition of Saint Augustine: "Erigis et fugit you humilias te et venit ad te" (If you exalt the Lord flees from you, if you are humble he will come to you).

The interior rather than a church looks like a hall, a chapel of the Brotherhood. There currently is practiced daily worship before the Blessed Sacrament. The plan is rectangular. The altars are six: each of which was originally dedicated to a guild of art. At the center there is a fence with tendrils supporting a cross. Inside is housed the statue of Christ dead, the wooden work of the seventeenth century.

Above the altar, “Christ carried to the tomb”, one of the best works of the painter executed by Barocci of Urbino in 1582. The artist also designed the frame of the picture. There are also four works by the painter Giovanni Anastasi of Senigallia. The magnificent coffered ceiling is embellished with a square central band with the symbols of the Cross and the Eucharist, emblem of the Brotherhood of Crocesegnati and SS. Sacramento. The organ is enclosed in a wooden case. It was built by renowned builder Callido Gaetano , in 1775. The altars are six and are distributed along the sides.

The first altar on the left side is dedicated to St. Barbara patron saint of bombers and artillery. The second altar on the left side houses a large niche where is enclosed the painting by Ridolfi’ of the Crucifixion. The picture on the left side on the third altar is the Holy Family and St. Gregory interceding for the souls in Purgatory of 1600.

The painting above the altar, first on the right side, represents the Virgin assumed into heaven, St. Francesco and St. Nicola of Tolentino of the seventeenth century. On the second altar on the right side there is a small picture painted on canvas and a copy of the image of Our Lady of Good Counsel, venerated in the shrine of Genazzi Palestrina whom was devoted PIO IX. In the third altar on the right side there hangs a painting by an unknown school Marche, which depicts the Crucifixion with angels adoring and down, St . Tommaso D’Equino, Dominican, and St. Bonaventura. The church has outside sober characters in the style of the late Renaissance, in contrast to the interior lavish baroque.

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