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* Museo di Storia della Mezzadria
* Museo PIO IX
* Pinacoteca diocesana d'arte sacra 

Le Marche

The Museo di Storia della Mezzadria [Museum of the History of Share cropper] is located at the “Convent delle Grazie” . The creator of the museum was the historian Sergio Anselmi, which the museum is dedicated. He helped make it a structure of great originality and remarkable depth of science, able to witness the historical, social and anthropological world's peasants and the rural culture of the Marches. More than 2,000 items are displayed, and the murals on the walls documenting the characteristics of the working life of the sharecropper in the Marche countryside until the early sixties. Thirty environments to visit, which are the following paths of sharecropper: 1) location of the oil, 2) location of the grain, 3) location of the wine, 4) tools of work, 5) daily life, 6) other activities of the share cropper . The museum is also a permanent exhibition of over forty photographs taken by Mario Giacomelli in the years 1960-1970 in the countryside of Senigallia and given by the Master of Senigallia in 1978 at the Museum. All the pieces are on display under a double standard of placement according to the schedule of crops and farm workers, and in that the greater or lesser antiquities of each.

The Museo PIO IX [ Museum PIO IX ] s housed in the Palazzo Mastai Ferretti, birthplace of John Mastai Ferretti, who became Pope in 1846 under the name of PIO IX. He called himself a "country parson" and his private life went on like that of a simple priest. He did not want to consume more than a Roman shield for its daily meals.

He was above all a man of God and prayer, he loved to be among the people and bestow alms, charities, he promoted the foundation of nursery schools, homes for the elderly, poor and needy.

The refurbishment of the building were made by local artisans that in addition to their professionalism and expertise have staked the passion and love for their job to restore the beauty of this little masterpiece where nothing seems changed.

You can see all the memories that affect their families Mastai and above the person's life and work of PIO IX.

Also there are the paintings of Bronzino, Schiavone, the Caracci, and many others. Then there is the chapel, a temple in Baroque style, the bedroom , paintings with portraits of Pope PIO IX and his family, tapestries, Roman amphorae, litter and objects from the eighteenth century. and gold of the eighteenth and nineteenth century which belonged to the pope.

The Pinacoteca diocesana d'arte sacra [Art Gallery of Sacred Art ] of Senigallia is a vivacious cultural center. This is a real treasure housed in the floor of the Bishop's Palace in the heart of the town of Senigallia.

The spacious rooms tastefully decorated houses a collection of art of great merit and value. The Art Gallery of Sacred Art collects prestigious works of religious art relating to the period between 1500 until 1800.

The jewel of the collection is the Madonna del Rosario and San Domenico di Federico Barocci (1535-1612), painted between 1588 and 1592 commissioned by the Confraternity of the Assumption and the Rosary for the Church of San Rocco.

You can admire also paintings by Andrea Lilli, Ercole Ramazzani and Giovannia Anastasi of Senigallia Lucia Canalini Torelli and finest sacred examples.

Particular attention is for the works of Giovanni Anastasi, artist of Senigallia, described as "easy and witty painter”.

In the frescoed halls are also preserved full liturgical vestments, silver, all precious artifacts that tell the story of a community.

The Art Gallery of Sacred Art of Senigallia is the ultimate expression of religious art.

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Comune di Senigallia

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