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Events 2010 - Summer Jamboree & Pane Nostrum

* Summer Jamboree
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The event Summer Jamboree is one of the most important events of Senigallia and is inspired to the American culture of the '40s and '50s. The festival, with free admission, is held every year usually in the second half of August and lasts one week. The origin of the word "Jamboree" comes through the union of two English words: jam and boy that is "jam boys".

During the seven day festival, there are held many live concerts which involve many musicians from abroad and DJ sets of swing, rock and roll jive, doo-wop, rhythm and blues, hillbilly and western swing with dance lessons taught by experienced teachers.

The various booths during this event sell items such as: Juke box, hats, gadgets, pictures, guitars, country objects, vinyl records, CDs, shoes, two tone, new and used clothing, vintage lingerie and everything related to culture of those years.

During the "Summer Jamboree" you can find also a barber and hairdresser for free. Particular is the parade of vintage cars in the same period.

During the warm, carefree magic summer of Summer Jamboree seems that you are in one of the many films of Elvis Presley or one of those mythical episodes of Happy Days.

Senigallia is immersed in the culture fifties and is transformed into a city of rock and roll thanks to this important festival that has become the first gathering of its kind in Italy and third in the world.

At night you hear vibrant live swing, rhythm & blues, rockabilly, and there is raging in Swing Party dancing jive, lindy hop, boogie till dawn, perhaps even on the beach barefoot through the now legendary Hawaiian Party.

By day, the "hottest rocking holiday on Earth" allows you to attend stage dancing, Cajun food, browse the vintage marketplace. Fans come from all over the world and waiting for summer finally the WinterJamborre which is held in the winter months.

The event Pane Nostrum [Feast of Bread], better known as "Pane Nostrum", takes place in the town of Senigallia on the third weekend of September. Senigallia always gives a special attention to bread, from sowing until its production and marketing. “Pane Nostrum” is the most important event that celebrates Italian bread.

The beautiful Piazza del Duca, the heart of Senigallia, becomes a place where you can eat, dine, have picnic with sandwiches and products of Le Marche.

Every year, "Pane Nostrum" choose its publications on topics or geographical areas targeted. With the theme selected come to "Pane Nostrum" expert bakers from all over the world.

The performance of the furnaces in the open and masters bakers is not only beautiful but is primarily educational in terms of food.

Making bread is like immersing your hands in the mystery of life and its different cultural expressions, taking into account the diversity of bread available.

You can learn to make bread, have fun and discover the secrets directly from the master bakers.

Among the many activities that characterize "Pane Nostrum" and annually attract hundreds of people from all over Italy, are the free courses for adults and children's bakery.

The bakers at work in the square come from different geographical areas and take out of the oven Marche bread , English, French, German, and many others.

The event is complemented by initiatives such as bread tasting and tastings in other products such as the Marche oil, wine, honey, cheeses.

These products are based on a new model of agriculture, where it seeks to recover the quality and tradition. But it is also a way that teaches us to combine the bread with cold cuts, cheeses and great wines.

In Piazza Manin there is there every year a wagon covered of corn intertwined and that reproduces any cathedral.

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