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La Rotonda a Mare

La Rotonda a Mare

Le Marche

La Rotonda a Mare is a modern building, built between sea and land, a precious jewel made to enrich the tourist offer of the city. It was built by will of the government and from Le Marche region. It arose because of the need to put a fixed structure in place of the wooden platform that was used since the late nineteenth century as a seaside resort.

The project of the construction which we see today, was presented by engineer Cardelli in 1932. The form is like a "shell" as it was called then, clean and light. La Rotonda a Mare was opened in 1933, imposing itself soon as qualified place of high society and musical entertainment. In 1935 Prince Umberto of Savoy came to Senigallia to inaugurate the Colony Marina Maria Pia of Savoia, and to visit La Rotonda a Mare. It was a bar , restaurant, an elegant ballroom that for occasion could become the place for fashion shows.

But also a place for musical evenings and competitions.The reputation of the beach of Senigallia was consolidated soon. The local nobility who frequented La Rotonda a Mare was soon joined by foreign tourists: Germans, French, Austrians. Many famous figures from politics, culture and television have attended La Rotonda of Senigallia.

Among the most assiduous attendance is to remember Tino Scotti, Corrado Mantoni, Fred Bongusto and many others. The tourism imprint of Senigallia became increasingly pronounced since the '30s and '40s. The monument celebrates this magnificent crowd.

La Rotonda a mare, recently renovated fully summarizes the goals of the society of Senigallia. It is considered a meeting place of entertainment and also a symbol of artistic and cultural vitality of the city. Among the historic buildings it is considered one of the most coveted for its strategic central position in Le Marche, as well as in Italy.

La Rotonda a mare plays an important cultural, artistic stimulation of the territory. Among the special events that celebrate la Rotonda a mare are the appointment with the Summer and Winter Jamboree.

Lovers of music and culture of America of ‘40s and ‘50s can have fun in music, dance ,cinema and american culture of those years.

The modern building is perfectly suited to this kind of event where style and quality help to enhance the charm of this event. The event now involves many Italian and foreign tourists.

You can see beautiful vintage cars parked in front of La Rotonda a mare, musicians from around the world and people dressed in fashionable clothes of the '40s and '50s. Actually there are celebrated civil marriages.

This happens only for few historic structures like for example those of the house of Juliet in Verona and few other places.

La Rotonda a mare is for this reason also a place of love and it is a particular way to celebrate civil marriages .The City Administration has decided to make available one of the most precious jewels of the city.

The magic of this beautiful building, suspended between sky, sea and land offers wonderful scenery to crown the love story of couples who choose this prestigious location.

This couples wish to live their best day in a unique place where they feel free to say their “yes”.


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