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The original design of the theatre was entrusted to Peter Ghinelli (1759-1834).

The architect Ghinelli was one of the most important architects of theater. He built 14 theaters including those of Pesaro and "The Muse" in Ancona.

The structure of the room had three superimposed orders of boxes for a total of 63, topped by a gallery, a large stage, dressing rooms for actors and extras, atrium coffee and restaurant.

In 1838 the theater went tragically destroyed by a terrible fire. Just four days after the disaster, the City Council deliberated the immediate reconstruction of the theater.

Gonfalonieri said on that occasion - "... the theatre is not so much an object of recreation, but a monument of public interest, to say that the country needs it".

The new municipal theatre was called "La Fenice", as often happens for rebuilt theaters after the fire which were not rare.

The surface of the pit was 182 square meters, 99 boxes in four orders and the gallery space capacity was nearly about 1,000 seats of which 344 in the stalls. Memorable in July 1904 was the presence in Senigallia of Pietro Mascagni who presented there the Iris.

He was received with much enthusiasm by the people and he himself wrote to the mayor of Mengs: "The memory of this month, spent in peace and surrounded by sympathy will never disappear in my mind and in my heart.

I owe to Senigallia one of my most satisfaction and I have also the pages of my new score, referring to L'Amica.

Since 1930 the theater was closed unfit for use. After many decades were begun reconstruction work, during which were unearthed an archaeological site that changed the structure of the theater itself.

These included the intersection of two of the main streets of roman Sena Gallica . So the modern theater was built at street level and below the current space was obtained for the surface of the archaeological museum "La Fenice" of Senigallia. In 1996 was inaugurated the new theater "La Fenice".

The Hall of the shows is rectangular with the floor with steps to show steadily increasing and has a capacity of 874 seats. The curtain is the work of the artist Enzo Cucchi built in 1996.

This is a big red figure of a child who, prone, look at some symbols of Senigallia enclosed in five panels in light plexiglas and optics feber, representing La Fenice , La Campana, La Fontana delle oche, the symbol of il Palazzo del Duca and La Rocca" .

The theatre of Senigallia staged melodramas and comedies to music authors to fashion, such as Carlo Goldoni and many others. The shows were to entertain and astonish the merchants and foreigners.

But even today the theatrical season of La Fenice theatre of Senigallia offers exciting performances of plays, dance, circus arts, music. Usually there are artists who use the tools of speech, satire and humor.

There are also theater companies of the best Italian interpreters and also performers who are amazing for the variety of genres, stamps, tools, interpreters, and the repertoires proposed.

The shows that are represented in the Theatre La Fenice di Senigallia involves both adults and children. On stage are, storytellers, actors, puppets and unique fun puppet.

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