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Museo della Caricatura

Museo Internazionale 
della Caricatura

Museo Internazionale della Caricatura in Tolentino
is unique in Italy and one of the few existing in the world. It was opened on 6th September 1970 and it was created by Luigi Mari.

There have been problems for the handling of this artistic treasure and it was eventually moved from a location to an other. The Organizing committee made it possible to re-organize the collection and exhibit it at Sangallo Palace in occasion of the XVII Biennal of Humorism. A development plan was then thought to propel artistic and promotional activities.

Masterpieces of Museo della Caricatura were exhibited in US at the New York University, in Spoleto at the Festival dei due Mondi, in Turin at the Museo Storico della Martini & Rossi, in Avignone at the Cinema Festival, in Milan at “Dal Verme” Theatre and in Catania at the Etna Fest.

The museum counts more than 5,000 original works (cravings, drawings, paintings, sculptures) and also several books, magazines, catalogues and historical documents by the most renown artists of all times: . Leonardo, Agostino Carracci, Daumier, Caran d’Ache, Gulbransson, Galantara, Scarpelli, Dudovich, Tirelli, Pannaggi, Maccari, Attalo, Garretto, Onorato, Sempè, Topor, Nino Za, Longanesi, Searle, Levine, Jacovitti, Mordillo, Sciammarella, Bruna, Superbi, Kosobukin, Zlatkowskj, Fellini, Forattini, Altan, Folon...

The works have recently been restored and catalogued. The Museum is now ready to show visitors the most complete and vast panorama of the world humoristic art.

The rooms are in chronological order so that the visit is a curious, unique and stimulating stroll through time.

The masterpieces of the past two centuries are on show in the Sala Storica. It features works by: Galantara, Scarpelli, Scalarini, Pannaggi, Novello, Longanesi, Caffè, Borghese, Maccari…

The Sala Umorismo features several works of the humoristic world production. It does allow a confrontation between different schools in different countries. The themes and tecniques offer an easy interpretation.

The Sala della Caricatura is fabulous. There are several portraits of important people by the most renown artists. A lot of characters have been drawn by different artist and this makes the visit even more exciting.

by Marion Grazioli
Translated by Guendalina Santini

for  Paradise Possible  

Sponsored by
Comune di Tolentino


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