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Terme Santa Lucia

Terme Santa Lucia


Tolentino can boast three different types of therapeutic waters that spring in different locations within the town boundaries: S.Lucia and Rofanello. 

We have evidence of a shortage of these waters because of the crowds of people that went to Rofanello baths at the beginning of 1400.

It was so decided to provide for a more comfortable building in 1507. It has now completely disappeared. 

The spa that are accessible nowadays were opened in 1938.

S.Lucia spas have grown in importance lately and systems have been updated and new treatments offered. 

The spas are wellness centres as the Romans conceived them. They are ancient places because of their tradition but also modern ones because of the new structures. 

They are well organized, well equipped. Trained staff works there to offer detailed preventive diagnosis. 

Santa Lucia spas are also working together with the National Health Service to offer even to the less wealthy the chance of exploiting the benefits of thermal treatments.

The sports medical centre has developed alongside with the spas. 

Sports activities are now widely performed and people need equipped places and trained staff to face medical issues.

Wellbeing, fitness and beauty. The balance among these elements is fundamental for a positive relationship with our bodies and with the people that surround us. 

It is possible to become beautiful, but a psycho-physic balance is obtained through the knowledge of our body, of a correct alimentation and through beauty treatments suggested by our experts. 

The Beauty Farm in Santa Lucia is orientated to the most modern derma-cosmetic and aesthetic medicine principles. 

There cosmetics are produced with thermal waters and it is possible to have personalized beauty treatments thought and performed by S.Lucia Spas experts.


 by Marion Grazioli
Translated by Guendalina Santini

for  Paradise Possible  





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