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Petite Ercole Academy was founded in 1988 in a historical place near the Esino river almost uknown to the majority of people. It was founded by a Teathre master, Gianfranco Frelli. 

The Academy is located in an ancient carpentry, a bulding that had already hosted a  spinning mill. Spinning mills were common in the Jesi at the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900. Jesi was in fact called “Little Milan”.

Gianfranco Frelli studied acting in Bologna. The idea of the Academy was first conceived to promote the fantastic “magic box” of theatre among the people. Theatre is in fact the place where actors can perform different roles.

Petite Ecole is managed by Cooperativa Culturale Jesina and it is sponsored by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Jesi. 

It is one of the most known and attended acting schools in the city without doubt.
Diction, acting, improvisation, playwrighting, gesturing and direction are among the subject taught there. 

Petite Ecole is above all a formative experience as it gives students the chance to impersonate different characters whose points of view are various and different from the one of the student himself.

Petite Ecole promotes a modern and committed form of theatre. It wants to resist and countervail the rubbish and shallowness that is daily broadcasted by Tv. 

It wants people to reflect upon the past, upon social problems and civil rights.
An example of this theatre philosophy is “Line” play. There five characters bad-mouth and physically attack each other in order to be first in row. 

The play focuses on the duplicity and meanness of men. They cheat on others, lie, seduce and use violence in order to gain what they want.

Gianfranco Frelli, the Theatre Master, is also the author of several plays performed by the Academy. 

He writes the play inspired by the people that are going to perform it.
He tries to use a different type of language each year (eg. Visual, visual and dialogic etc.etc). 

Sometimes, when the children are the actors, they also write the play they are going to perform. It is a most formative method. 

Childern are in fact responsible for learning by heart their part – and if they don’t all the play will be affected – and when they write they can describe their experiences and problems.  

Gianfranco Frelli has already some theatrical performances in store for the future: “The Nose” on 8th-9th of September and “a peculiar pair of women” on 22nd of September. 

The most ambitious project for the future is “One hundred cantors for Dante” that is still in course of study.

Petite Ecole also promotes several workshops and projects along with some schools in town. 

A year ago an interdisciplinary and on line project has involved several high schools, such as Grammar School, Psico-Pedagogic high school, Scientific school and Itas. 

The scenography was designed by Arts students.
Petite Ecole, also promotes theatre projects meant for disabled people, in collaboration with the Centro Diurno Arcobaleno di Chiaravalle.

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