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Scuola G.B. Pergolesi

G.B. Pergolesi Music School



Pergolesi Music School,  is named after the famous musician born in Jesi on 4th January 1710.

Pergolesi Music School celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2006. It was in fact funded in 1976.

Music fruit” was adopted as the logo of the school. 

It has grown, rooting in the area year after year. It has now become one of the most important cultural centres of Italy. 

It is also a meeting point for young and adults. 

The original location of the School is San Martino Palace, after a short period at Villa Borgognoni, it has been moved back to the original setting since the scholar year 1996/97.

The School is meant to promote music studies and to spread its knowledge. 

Lately thanks to the collaboration with
Teatro Luce acting courses have been possible. 

The school is now composed of two branches: Music branch and Acting branch. 

The Music branch offers Classical and Modern music courses. 

An end of term students’ show is organized every year. 

The Classical music performance is on show at the Pergolesi Theatre, while the modern music one in Piazza della Repubblica. 

The latter is characterized by the presence of famous musicians such as Matia Bazar that in last year show played together with the students. 

The children’s voices chorus is one of the main characteristics of Pergolesi Music School. 

It is often invited to perform during the Lyric Season at Pergolesi Theatre.

More than 650 students, whose age range varies from 4 to 60 years, attend the School. 

Most of them are young people that have then continued their music education at the G.Rossini Conservatoire in Pesaro.

The headmaster Prof. Sergio Cardinali has a lot of projects in store for the future. 

He is aiming to make of the Music School an Arts School. 

He would like to introduce music, dance, visual arts, sculpture courses. 

As per forthcoming events, a show has been organized for December, when the Cd recorded by the Classical Music students for the 30th Anniversary of the school will be presented.

The School is also organizing concerts, seminars, shows and stages in collaboration with National artists that have already played a part in the School events.



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