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Artistic Movement for Contemporary Art in Fermo

Fermo has been pervaded by Art, Music and Literature for several centuries, it even hosted the Stadium an ancient University from 1398 to 1826. Visitors that stroll through the alleys come across several churches, noble palaces and can also visit the Library that was founded in 1600.
and the eight tables depicting the Story of St.Lucia  by Jacobello del Fiore that are conceived as an illustrious example of International Gothic are on show in the Art Gallery (Pinacoteca).

The town is much appreciated because of its rich cultural past, but it is stunning that the artist expression is not to be found in the museums only, but it is still flourishing. It is even more stunning when the stimulus is given by young people that live in a small town where the means and the opportunities are not easy to be found.

The cultural flow that runs through the South of Le Marche, an area with just 37,000 inhabitants, is lively and teeming even though it is not well known.. ContempoPreziotti is an Artistic movement for Contemporary Art that has just been founded by a group of young people in Fermo. They want to say something and say it through different forms of Art.

I have met them by chance and I was flabbergasted. I was walking through Fermo alleys to 180°gradi. Una cotta per il pane, where I had an appointment to write a review on the place. Just in the square in front of the place there was a small Art exhibition. 

There were different sized canvas, an enigmatic display of hanging spheres connected by sentences, pictures hanging from the leafless branches of a tree...a young man was in the meantime vigorously painting a colourful tree surrounded by whirling touches.

A large painting caught my attention. It was made of several canvas and it nearly occupied the entire wall. Blue and red winding lines and curves traced figures in a dynamic yellow background. 

The four central canvas were linked to each other through the figures’ body and limbs contact. 

Roundness could be detected in the shape of heads, wombs and breasts.
It recalled the fauve shapes and cromatism. The energy derives from the intrinsic communication potential of pure colours. 

Paolo Bazzani, the author of “Mama e soci”, this is the name of the work of art, told me how he found the sphere the best shape to express, together with pure colours, the most genuine living force. Paolo is twenty six and he is one of the co-founders of ContempoPreziotti, artistic movement together with Nicola Zappalà, Mirco Marinozzi, Micaela Sason and Linda Venuti. Their decision of melting energies and abilities, instead of working solo, is to be admired. 

The group is now composed of about thirty young people, some of them have shared a study experience at the National Arts Institute in Fermo, while others come from different backgrounds. 

What unites them is the will of giving voice, colour and movement to the individual interiority: there are people who express themselves through painting and photograph, who carves, who shots short films and who makes installations. ContempoPreziotti
is opened to any language of contemporary art, poetry, theatre and music included.

An organized and proactive movement, ContempoPreziotti, brings to its hometown a new and fresh spirit. They only ask for some place where to “share their energy and communicate”. Umberto Preziotti, an Architect in Fermo, had already thought that the city needed a place where to make Art. 

He in fact donated a palace to the city where he wanted a school of Arts in 1959. The palace has in fact hosted the Arts Institute for several years, but that has been moved lately.

The young artists would like to create a “home for arts and crafts for the citizens to propel culture, beauty and urban taste”. 

It will make an atelier-workshop where shows, lessons, theoretical and practical courses will be held, but also a place where to make artistic handcrafts.

We do hope that given their ability and desire to go ahead, the institutions will be able to understand this movement and encourage it properly. The town would gain a place where creativity would be kept alive and it would also be a place where different experiences and ways of feeling would get in contact and go beyond art itself. 

The people in the movement are now collecting signatures in order to make the local institutions aware; those who would like to contact them and support their project can write to


  Alessandra Alessiani
for Paradise Possible

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