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Silvia Manco

A friendly interview to Silvia Manco...

I met Silvia after their concert 180°gradi. una cotta per il pane, a nice and original bakery - confectionary’s – restaurant – bar situated in Fermo town on 26 July 2007. 

She has performed together with
Stefano e Andrea Nunzi, drums and double bass. She is the leader of the trio. Their concert, held on the closing night of “Guess who is playing for dinner”, has attracted the attention of the audience with music ranging from jazz and bossa nova, and pieces that she has written.

Silvia Manco was born in the Salento. Her approach to music was through a piano, but she has always loved singing. She was supported by her dad, a piano bar musician, but the jazz was so appealing to her that she decided to move to a more stimulating and favourable environment. “This is why I got to Rome to have my chance”.

She has lived in Rome for 10 years now. She is much appreciated in Italy and abroad, and a lot of fans and colleagues leave meaningful messages on the web page. 

She plays the piano and sings. She has her own groups and also collaborates with other Italian jazz artists (
Luca Velotti and the vocal trio Boop!Sisters, just to name a couple). “It is important to collaborate with different people. It is important not to let things just go around yourself... different inputs are valuable”.

Her debut album Big city is for me was launched at the beginning of 2007 and produced by Micca Club Records in Roma. Among the artists that have collaborated to her album there are Pietro Lussu (piano), Stefano Nunzi (double bass), Sandro Deidda (sax) and Armando Sciommeri (drums). Silvia Manco has arranged several musical pieces, but she was also the author of five of them, music and Italian and English lyrics.

She is inspired by American song-writers, but she has enriched her work with her Mediterrean origins. “...I am trying a blend of jazz repertoire with Italian singer- songwriters singers. There is also some Brazilian culture...”. Bossa nova (a music genre born in Brazil at the end of the Fifties) is in fact easily detectable in her music and her voice knows well how to transmit the feeling. 

Silvia likes this kind of music, but she does listen to several other kinds of music “pop, singer-songwriters, Pino Daniele … naturally enough she prefers jazz. I love listening to different voices, saxophones, trumpet...and a lot of Brazilian music”.

The day after the interview she was heading to Assisi for a concert, and then all the way down to Catania to play the piano with Lino Patruno. 

A lot of events were planned for August, Rome, Sardinia... her long term project is an other disk. She will probably record it in autumns and then promote it “Recording some pieces helps fixing the elements, but playing live is the most important thing ever”.

I wanted to ask what kind of people love jazz, she anticipated me explaining me that she has noticed this genre attracts “curious people that do not want to know exactly where the evening will get to... People who are open to surprises, that would be the perfect audience. The interaction of the audience is fantastic because jazz is also energy and sharing it is really positive”.

When I ask what is jazz for her, she goes:

“it is a dynamic music, open to receive and to take inspiration from what develops around. I do believe it will never die because it always embodies several influences... I would define it as a ever developing music, a music perfect for those who would love to open to the world...loving jazz is also a way of life!”.

  Alessandra Alessiani
for Paradise Possible

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