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Trio Jazz "Silvia Manco"

Trio Silvia Manco 
and its jazz 
180°gradi. in Fermo

It Don’t Mean A Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing
(song title by Duke Ellington, 1932)

Silvia Manco
energetically plays an upright black piano at the bottom of a vaulted hall showing its chords and quickly moving hammers. The great but wiggly double-bass is embraced by Stefano Nunzi and can be outlined from the colours of the canvas in the background, a work of art by Mirco Marinozzi, of the ContempoPreziotti artistic movement. 

It depicts a black shadow that stretches on a white area full of light surrounded by vortexes of colour ranging from maroon to darker shades. Andrea Nunzi, at the drums, always plays a part in the melodic speech with a strong or pensive and soft drumming to accompany Silvia Manco sweet voice.

The trio performed at the closing night of “Guess who is playing at dinner”, at 180°gradi  in Fermo. 

They are not a permanent group, but a long lasting friendship and artistic collaborations among young people contributes to create a fluid interplay, that is involving and felt by the audience.
“Il feeling is also given by our similar” Silvia states, “jazz is a common language... it is like talking with people we have known all our lives, we immediatly understand each other”. 

Silvia Manco comes from Salerno. She has been introduced to music by her father, a pianobar musician. Her passion for jazz brought her away from her home town to look for a more stimulating and favourable environment, more than 10 years ago. 

“This is why I got to Rome to have my chance”.
She has been successful. Nowadays she is a highly esteemed musician and singer and she works with the best jazz player of the moment. 

She also composes music melting the American tradition with the bossa nova sound and Mediterranean nuances. 

She met Andrea e Stefano in Rome. They had moved there from Fermo for jazz. They had gone through rock, Andrea as a drummer, his brother, first as a guitar player and then as a double-bass player (he got a graduation at G.Rossini Music School in Fermo in 1998). 

They then discovered the energy of jazz and fell in love with it. Their love was fuelled by some old disks and a friend of theirs  a percussionist.

They are now on the scenes of the contemporary jazz with important collaborations and projects. They perform in theatres, national and international events. 

They play in several places all around Italy, with their own groups or with high talented colleagues. An example is the trio that enchanted the audience at
180°gradi .

The repertoire they played in the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant on a night at the end of July was mainly concentrated on three areas. It included traditional jazz, but also original compositions by the leader of the group, Silvia Manco, some of those that are written in Italian (“Rito Pagano” and “Stringimi Stringimi Forte”) are part of her debut album Big city is for me Micca Club Records – Rome January 2007. 

The passion of the piano player for Brazilian music melts then with bossa nova rhythms and Latino American musicality. The fluid dialogue is beautifully rhythm by the Nunzi brothers. 

While enchanted by a sweet voice, the guests at 180° gradi discover the flavours of creative dishes, carefully prepared with original recipes. The explosive energy that comes from the drum and double-bass solos makes the people at dinner stop eating and get involved by the music and what it has to say. 

It is that swing that captures “that energy that grows”  Stefano Nunzi says “because it is the swing the magic and music of blues...”

  Alessandra Alessiani
for Paradise Possible

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