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180° gradi

180°gradi. Una cotta per il pane
Panetteria – Pasticceria - Ristorante – Bar
Via Montani, 10/12
63023 Fermo (zona piazzetta ITIS)
tel 0734.600710

Calling 180°gradi .Una cotta per il pane  a restaurant or a baker’s wouldn’t be appropriate...even though it is both. It was opened in January 2007 close to the ITIS in Fermo, an historical institute built thanks to Montani counts in the nineteenth century to be used as “asylum for poor children and orphans of Fermo”.

The first time I dined there, I was stuck by the environment and by some unexpected details that can be detected at a close observation of the place... on the bottom of a cabinet containing cakes there is for example a piece of receipt “boil the milk, flavourings and half of the sugar...”. A lot of other sentences – thoughts, feelings – are written on the living room wall and on a table where a lot of delicacies are on show, ready to be served. There is in fact written “there is nothing more attracting than seeing the limits of reason and bend to the pleasures of food and of love”...

I had the chance to get back to this place and to get acquainted with those who dreamed and created this place when Trio Silvia Manco performed. They closed the first edition of “Guess who plays at dinner”. It is the perfect blend of jazz music and food delicacies. I couldn’t miss it! I met the owner ...Marco that told me about this multifaceted place. He manages it with his skilled brothers Fabrizio (the pastry chef) and Riccardo (the baker). Young members of the staff are in charge of the kitchen and of the bar and service.  .

Even though 180°gradi .Una cotta per il pane  has now developed into a more complex structure, it was first conceived as a baker’s. The owners have in fact exploited the knowledge and tradition long stored in their family: their grandfather owned in fact a baker’s in Porto Sant’Elpidio and also their parents have run for thirty years now a baker’s in Fermo, called Peccati di Gola in via Crollalanza. “Bread is the base for anything” Marco loves to repeat. He is a young man that after a university and job experience in Milan has come back to his home town. He loves the place and wanted to make a project real, he wanted to create something that would describe his passion for a specific tradition and culture: the bread one.

The dream could be carried out thanks to some friends, that added in turn some new idea for the final result. The first step was choosing a name and logo: 180°gradi. Una cotta per il pane. It is inserted in the ring of a kitchen timer. It was chosen as it seemed most communicative and essential in forms and colours (yellow earth clashing against a maroon background and white letters). The cooking times for several recipes can be read on the logo.  

Expressive and unpretentious. Tradition always renews itself in the way of expressing itself, in an original environment where even furniture play its role. “Being creative is being alive” as Marco says. There you can feel how spontaneous and true these words are. The devotion to making healthy and delicious things stays. The choice of the ingredients is always made carefully. “Fabrizio is very keen on quality... he is one of those people that when they buy something carefully read the ingredients on every label”. As I look around I see several high quality local products on show on the shelves: jams and beer jellies by SIGI, pasta Mancini and Pasta di Aldo...

It is true that bread is the core here – it is entirely made according to an ancient recipe – but  180°gradi  is “The baker’s that transforms” as written on the business cards... if in the morning it is possible to go and buy bread (stone grinded durum wheat, but also spelt, soya, oats bread) on sale at the baker’s corner together with apple pies, small pastries with custard filling and raisin pastries, you can also have breakfast there with the pastries and some latte macchiato. From 12 to 15 the place is ready for Buffet lunch. Delicious dishes are on the bar to be enjoyed there or ordered to take away. 

In the afternoon it is possible to enjoy a piece of cake in the cosy Tea Room. It is possible to choose from several kinds of herb teas while relaxing on the green and red puffs on the colourful side of the room and enjoy some comics maybe. At 6pm the aperitivo is served again in a special environment where to relax together with friends after a day at work enjoying a glass of wine made in Fabrizio Canteen.  

On the weekends, after 9pm 180°gradi .Una cotta per il pane  is pervaded by a romantic atmosphere with dinners to be enjoyed in the cosy environment of a wine-bar. Good music is a pleasant background be it a selection of songs or a live show by musicians that perform on special nights, such as those of “Guess who is playing for dinner...

Alessandra Alessiani
for Paradise Possible

© 2007 Liberation Ventures Ltd.

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