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La Madonnina del Pescatore

La Madonnina del Pescatore
Marzocca di Senigallia  

La Madonnina del Pescatore, is a restaurant located in Marzocca, right on the sea. It is named after a devotional stone that is still venerated by fishermen.

The chef Moreno Cedroni turned a tourist pizzeria restaurant into a gastronomy paradise.

Moreno Cedroni wanted the most common dishes and even the pizza to be cancelled from the menu. 

He attended sommelier and cuisine courses in order to reinterpret the traditional receipts and to experiment new dishes. 

He started cooking in 1993. He is mainly devoted to fish dishes. His wife, Mariella, is in charge of the banquet hall so that Moreno can concentrate on cooking. 

He has now also become a member of the Young Italian chefs Association.

Moreno Cedroni has opened other premises in just a few years: Il Clandestino a sushi bar in the Portonovo bay, Anikò in Senigallia town centre, a kiosk where to sit at the open air during the summer, and Officina, that is not far from the restaurant.

The chef together with his offer of fish dishes, has a wide range of wines, some of which are produced in Le Marche: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Verdicchio di Matelica. 

There are two different kinds of menus for the people to choose from: a creative and a traditional one. The creative menu consists in:  

Cedroni's Menù

Solid American

Ferran Adria Parmesan ice-cream

Calvisius Caviar and “Burrata”

Sea salad that “shows off”...with lemon

Braised Capesante with spears of asparagus Topinambur and Bazzotto Egg

Cabbage soup and cuttlefish eggs with Salted anchovy Ice-cream

Clam broth and Stracciatella

Parmesan Tortellini with raw meat, basil and tomato sauce

Rhombus with artichokes and Fat liver

Iberia Pork Lomb with crunchy Fennels and Green Apple Ice-cream

Toma with strawberry jam and thyme with lemon

Fossa cheese with Lacrima di Morro D’Alba 2003 jelly

Cuttlefish Bounty

Crunchy turnip with Gianduia and Mozzarella cheese, Nutella foam and ginger, Szeuchan Pepper Icecream

Marco Polo Tea

Iced “Zabaione”

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