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Valeria Moriconi

Valeria Moriconi
The great magic of a meeting
Valeria and Eduardo



  Vai a cuor tranquillo. Un abbraccio. Eduardo  , this is what Eduardo de Filippo wrote to Valeria Moriconi on 26th April 1957 in occasion of the prime night of the comedy he had written “De Pretore Vincenzo” where Valeria performed as main feminine character.

The performance was important as it was held in the Servi Theatre in Rome, that was inaugurated that night and it was also Valeria Moriconi national debut. 

She had in fact just acted in a local company in Jesi, where she was born.

“De Pretore Vincenzo” represented the beginning of a long lasting professional relationship between two great artists: Valeria Moriconi and Eduardo De Filippo. 

Documentary Show
Valeria Eduardo. The great magic of a meeting is named after them.

Valeria Moriconi died on 14th June 2005 in Jesi. Her cousins donated Valeria Moriconi Archivist Found consisting in scene costumes and dresses, a collection of theatre books, dedications, playwrights, letters, and videos belonging to the actress, to the town of Jesi.

The Archivist Found is now kept at Centre of Study and Theatre activities Valeria Moriconi, managed by Pergolesi Spontini foundation.

Pergolesi Spontini Foundation has organized a Documentary Show with materials chosen in the Archivist Found in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the meeting between Valeria Moriconi and Eduardo de Filippo and to remember the actress herself.

Documentary Show is open from 21st June to 29th September. 

It has been organized by Dott. Franco Cecchini, Scientific Director of the Centre for the Studies. 

The first section of the show hosts the playwrights of the plays starring the actress, sketches of the set design, some pictures and portrays of the actress and some of her beloved, prizes and videos. 

The second section hosts instead posters of the shows, pictures and reviews. The third section is characterized by photos of the actress by two important photographers: Emanuela Sforza and Tommaso La Pera. 

Some toys, dresses and costumes are kept in the fourth section of the show. 

They have been placed in the trunks that Valeria would bring with her during her first journeys to Rome.

Dott. Franco Cecchini has a lot of projects in store. A lot of them are meant to remember Valeria, like a web-site on the actress. 

An other project is completing what Valeria had started during the last years of her life: the actress wanted to organize an award for new shows and also a theatre festival for young people and a stage for young actors and actresses held by cinema or theatre stars.

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