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Simone de Magistris

Simone de Magistris
A Visionary Painter Between Lotto and El Greco 
Caldarola, Palazzo dei Cardinali Pallotta
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele n.13
5 aprile – 11 Novembre 2007

"Simone de Magistris art show is meant to stress the ability of an artist born away from the main artistic cities of feeling as a visionary. He is the Italian "El Greco"  His upset sensibility grew following the steps of a great and pathetic and neurotic artist such as Lorenzo Lotto. Simone paints cubistic shapes characterized by a deformity. It is given by lengthening images and by a visionary dimension as the one we recognize as unusually modern and innovative in El Greco visions.” [Vittorio Sgarbi]

Simone de Magistris was born in 1538 in Caldarola (Macerata province). The place had been under the Camerino power since the beginning of 1400. Caldarola outlook was redefined and embellished by the cardinal Evangelista Pallotta. 

The clerical wanted a new square to be built together with the cardinal palace, the Collegiate of San Martino and the Church of San Gregorio. He also ordered that new firms were built so to develop the local craftsmanship. 

Simone de Magistris was appointed to decorate these new public buildings. The Cardinal in fact appreciated his pictorial language and his ability of interpreting the needs of the holy art as expressed in the Trento Council (that was called by Paul III in 1545 and ended in 1563)

The artist gathered around him a lot of people that wanted to learn his pictorial art. The local dimension of Caldarola grew so as to become a lively cultural centre, nearly as big as Urbino and Loreto. Caldarola became the cradle of Le Marche Mannerism.

The show consists in 80 works. It is held in Palazzo Pallotta. The show was thought and administered by Vittorio Sgarbi. He hit both the targets the show was meant to have: exploiting the image of the Sixteenth century building, that well depicts the culture of the years of the Counter Reformation, and also making the painter well known.  

Simone de Magistris in fact gained experience in Lorenzo Lotto workshop and was fascinated by Tiziano and Venetian paintings. He first introduced an artistic language that was projected in the following century.  

He overcame the artistic limits of his place of birth looking at artists that were working in his same times but in the great cities of art. Furthermore he learnt much from El Greco. Simone De Magistris has in fact been defined “an Italian El Greco”  by the curator of the show. 

The artist manages to paint religious scenes as if the sacred was a dream vision, through sharp traits, colour experimentation boasting a vibrating effect. Sgarbi defines it a “visionary dimension”.

The works by Caldarola artists are on show along with the ones of Lotto, El Greco, Tintoretto, Cavalier D’Arpino.

The itinerary Luoghi di Simone de Magistris”, runs through Le Marche and allows the view of other works and also of beautiful towns such as San Ginesio, Matelica, Visso (Macerata province) and Fabriano (Ancona province) Ripatransone, Offida, Force, Montefiore dell’Aso (South of Le Marche).  

The event is organized by the Comune of Caldarola in collaboration with Soprintendenza per il Patrimonio Storico, Artistico ed Etnoantropologico delle Marche – Urbino.


5th April – 11th November 2007:
Monday-Friday: 10.00am-1.00pm / 3.00pm-7.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00am-7.00pm
1st July – 30th September:
Monday-Friday: 10.00am-1.00pm / 3.00pm-7.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10.00-9.00pm 

Admission fees:
- Adults €. 6,00
- Concession and groups €. 4,00

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