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Pinacoteca Civica "Vittore Crivelli"

Pinacoteca Civica "Vittore Crivelli"
Corso Baccio 39
Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Ascoli Piceno)
Tel: +39 0734/ 859279

Corso Baccio, the main road that crosses the town centre of Sant’Elpidio a Mare leads to a stylish palace dating back to XXVII century. It was designed by a famous architect from Rome: Giuseppe Valadise (1762-1839). The palace has replaced an ancient convent of Philippine monks.

The place hosts the Pinacoteca Civica “Vittore Crivelli”. It attracts several visitors thanks to the presence of some operas by the Venetian painter Crivelli (whom the Pinacoteca has been named after): the ‘Incoronazione della Vergine’ (poliptyc), ‘Visitazione della Vergine a Santa Elisabetta’ (tryptyc). The two pieces were anciently kept in Minori Osservanti Church. The Pinacoteca also counts in his collection a small panel portraying a Franciscan Monk.

The polyptyc is much dear to the city because on the right of Christ, Sant’Elpidio, saint patron of the place, is portrayed holding in hand the city itself. The coronation of Holy Mary and Saints Bonaventura, Giovanni Battista, Francesco and Ludovico are depicted in the lower part of the polyptyc. The predella is decorated with the story of Saint Giovanni Battista. 

The operas by Vittore Crivelli are on show in Room IV. The Pinacoteca also hosts pieces coming from churches, convents, noble palaces: l’Assunzione della Vergine by Gerolamo Dente better known as Tizianello (1564), la Madonna del Rosario by Hernestus De Schaychis (XIII century), Vergine con Bambino e San Felice da Cantalice by Nicola Monti (XVIII century). There are also some operas by Filippo Ricci, Carlo Maratta and their scholars. Ancient silver sacral objects (from XVII to XIX century) are kept in the interesting “Sala degli Argenti”.

A new section hosting contemporary art has been inaugurated in 1999 in occasion of the IV ‘Biennale di Arte Grafica’. The aim was promoting Graphic as a new expression of Arts. Le Marche have given birth to important representatives of this art such as Arnoldo Ciarrocchi and Corrado Cagli. Their works are on show together with works of Italian and foreign engravers. The collection is really interesting to give an idea of Le Marche role in this recent expression of Art.   

Sponsored by
Comune di Sant'Elpidio a Mare
Assessorato alla Cultura e Turismo



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