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Museo della Calzatura

Il Museo della Calzatura
Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Ascoli Piceno)
Palazzo Montalto-Nannerin
i, P.zzle Marconi
Tel.: +39 0734 819668 

Sant’Elpidio a Mare is an enchanting medieval village. It is famous worldwide thanks to the quality and variety of the shoe production there.

The village has developed a long lasting handcraft tradition in the centuries. The area is first in Italy for the export and production of high quality shoes. The entrepreneurial and creative effort and the skills of Sant’Elpidio a Mare shoemakers have brought the local firms to an incredible success.  The woman and man shoes produced around Sant’Elpidio a mare are much appreciated thanks to their comfort, design and for the quality of the raw material used together with the processing techniques.

The Museum of the Shoe was thought and founded in 1998 by Cav.Vincenzo Andolfi. It is meant to promote the ancient tradition of shoe making. It was set in Palazzo Montalto Nannerini at first. Now the palace is undergoing some restoring works and the exhibition has been moved to the halls of Pinacoteca Civica “Vittore Crivelli”, once Philippine Convent.

The collection bears evidence of the development of the Art of shoe making from the Medieval times to modern and style-caring times. The show is an interesting panorama of the history of costume throughout the centuries.

The exposition has been organized into three different sections. Each piece in the sections is linked by a common base theme:

The first room is named shoes from time and places”. There the personal collection of the late Cav.Vincenzo Andolfi is on show. The collection is composed of about 130 different pairs of shoes from all over the world (most of them date back to the first half of 1900, but there are some specimen from XVIII and XIX century). 400 delicious fabric, metal, ceramics shoes are on show framed by beautiful period prints and ancient tools.

The second section Le Marche shoe industry show how the shoe making tradition is still alive and productive nowadays. The original models realized by the students of the Regional School for Shoemakers are on show in this room. The sense of tradition is stressed by the presence of ancient machinery (sewing machines, a top floor dating back to the end of XIX century, a flattening machine used in the twenties).

The third and last section shoes for very important people is in constant expansion. Several shoes are in fact presented to the museum by famous and important people. The collection is rich in shoes worn by characters belonging to the world of art and public entertainment such as the famous Beniamino Gigli, tenor, but also to people belonging to the international world of sport of all times: Gino Bartali, Yuri Chechi, Valentina Vezzali, Roberto Baggio, Ronaldo, Andriy Shevchenko and a lot more… Even the shoes of Pope Giovanni Paolo II, Leone XIII and Giovanni XXIII are kept in the museum.  


Sponsored by
Comune di Sant'Elpidio a Mare
Assessorato alla Cultura e Turismo



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